Let’s Get Bickery



I’ve had an awesome night’s sleep filled with babies & cuddles. I’m a little stressed out as i’m currently feeling moderately suffocated with all the things that I have to do. But i’m still happy and still a charge of dynamite.

Work is good. All opportunities are being taken. I’m wanting to get my ‘clout’ back in place and i’m doing it! Yipppeee.

The babies….everything is about the babies right now. If i could spend all my time with Ruby and Junior (and i’m not so lucky to do so, due to work and having to share them all the time) then i’d be filled with peace.

But last night, i plonked them both in my bed and for the first time in a looooooooooong time, I felt the way I used to do when they were tiny, which was…i guess…’whole.’

Everything’s going well. I’m feeling gratetful for all that is happening to me. I’m still in love, but Ben and I are going through this ‘bickery’ stage. And the rubbish thing about this bickery stage, is that it is passive (on his part) and aggressive lol on my part. So, no bickering happens, just thrown out sentences, that either cut like a diva knife, or a dig.

We’re fine, because it’s what couples do….especially when a period is approaching. 🙂

But, right now, and because of the time that I got to spend with the babies at Christmas, because I had more hours off…I want to spend every inch of every second that I can with them. Especially the babiest one. (Ruby is a lot more independent. She is every inch ME.)

However, Ben, right now, I believe, would like to spend more time with just me. And when you’re a Mum, who’s been a single Mum for ages….you sort of find it annoying? I mean, I adore ‘us’ time, but it’s not like we haven’t done that and it’s not like we don’t do ‘date night’s or have ‘us’ nights. We do ALL the time.

Yet my priority is the children…and so if an ‘us’ night occurs and Ruby and Junior are with their fathers…then fair enough, i’m happy, lets enjoy. However, this year, they come first always. So any moment I can be with them…i will. (But i get where he’s coming from. And he’d feel differently if the babies were of his own loins, right? 🙂 )

On the whole, family life is okay. He’s great with Ruby and Junior and now happy because he’s loving ding his vlog, which I like, because as well as having a being to love, you need to have something away from that, that you do, in order to keep passionate. It’s all about balance.

But i’m glad to have got all this off my glitzy chest.

Now, to wake the kids up, get them dressed, do drop offs and get to work.

Ps/ Why have a hundred different guys stopped me to tel me that they all have girlfriends who work in a Chinese restaurant in London?

Chrissie. x



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