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Morning all! I’ll whistle at you with a wink and shimmie at  you with a wiggle and whilst I add a pair of nipple tassels, I’ll wish you the best ‘Happy Thursday ever. It is Thursday right? I’ve lost track. But yes.

(That’s how my morning began….I wrote the above at 9.50am. It all went down hill from there because my electric flicked it’s merry way off, due to my washing machine going *bust,* causing a lovely bit of a flood, a few panic phone calls, no joy and then a ‘whatever’ as I gathered my glitzy belongings, committed to a *hair-toss* and strutted out the door.)

If in doubt, ignore it and hopefully it’ll go away.

Thursday’s usually such a great day to!  I mean, it’s one of those days that means it’s almost the end of the week. One of those days that is sort of on the edge of excitement. It’s not as whole and happy as a Friday, but not shit like a Tuesday. It sort of resembles an odd number, when mixed with ‘evens’…it just works. Having no electric all day was fun. I spent the majority of the day OUT, in order to practice the art of running away from your dramas. 🙂 Yipppeee! I’m far too preggo to be arsed to deal with such Tom Foolery.

Okay, so nursery run went Fabulously. (Ruby actually stated that I was ‘FABULOUS’ today. It’s the first time she’s ever said it so she scored major points. I’ve spent the entire evening loving and adoring her, with new DVD players and cuddles, alongside ‘have anything you wants.’ Nursery also reported that she stated that her ‘Daddy Keiran’ was ‘Perfect’ and that he had a willy. Hmm…? I enjoy that they can find her rudeness funny…because really her sense of humour and basic logic seems to unfortunately be stemming from the old ‘Chrissie Wunna’ branch, making her basic chitter-chatter awkward for most, yet  quite normal if you’re being raised in Wunna land. 🙂

She’s in bed now after cuddles and well to be honest, i’m really adoring being a mother. I had a 37 week scan today because (and I only found this out mid-scan) my baby was measuring small. I like how I find myself in bizarre situations, yet not knowing why the hell i’m there? Now, I know. The baby bump is healthy, live and kicking and even growing correctly, in the exact right position. He’s right on cue…yet is just small…and I don’t mean ‘small’ as in tragically unhealthy small or a dwarf..just more of a 6lb baby, than a 10lb baby…and because i’m apparently of slight Asian frame. THANK GOD FOR THAT! For the first time ever i’ve appreciated Science. Genetics rock. The thought of squeezing out a 10lb- der is terrifying to say the least and i’d need a gallon of rum, served to me by a pirate. But yes. I’m lucky, I’m happy, I have a wonderful family and we’re all excited to meet our baby boy. So much has gone one during this pregnancy…from new marriages, ups, downs, utter bliss, utter strife, baby Ruby, life, filming, hotels, work…you name it, it’s been a circus. Coming to the birth kinda signifies the champion finish line of the whole thing…where you’ve won the war and you’re given a trophy in a confetti shower. I don’t know how i’ve ended up with such a good life, especially after all the sinning. But i think deep down…I kinda deserved it. 🙂

All that done…I then went to lunch with my mum. It was a much better idea than sitting in a house with no electric. It was raining and the rain always makes no electricity…feel worse. Plus, I love my Mum, Dad and brother. I didn’t get to spend the majority of my 20’s with them because I was galavanting around Hollywood searching for stardom. Life is great now because i’m back and being a grown up. I’m a lot less trouble in my 30’s. Yet even when I was a shitty teenager and annoying 20-something…my family ALWAYS ALWAYS adored, supported and we there for me.

Got home, hoping that the electrical drama would’ve sorted itself out. It hadn’t and still wasn’t working, so I did what any drama queen would do and Tweet how pissed off you were with life. 🙂 I was all tired, it was raining, I still had errands to run, I had no electric, Ruby’s playhouse had blown over in the wind and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get it all up and working. I pulled faces, stomped around, Tweeted angrily that little bit more…then weirdly did the sensible thing and called my service provider and made them make a Rapid Response house call, due to me having  2 year old and a 37 week old bump.

In the next hour they arrived. Good job to, because it had all got the better of me and I was looking for things to blame. I actually passed out. (Not glitzy ‘passed out’ after a wild night of umbrella drinks. It wasn’t sexy like that.) I just fell asleep without realizing on the sofa, in my fur boots, and a giant beige faux fur, with one leg on the sofa, one leg off and my mouth open. I previously arranged for my mum to pick Ruby up from nursery, simply because I had to stay in my home for the following 4 hours to ‘be in’ for the electric guy.

I woke up once, checked the time, passed out again…and before you know it there was a crazy loud knock at my front door…and he was here! At the same time, my mum was just pulling up with Ruby AND it was now pissing it down with rain. I ran outside to help everyone involved…picked up a play house on the way. Hated every minute of the rain. Then had the rapid response guy pop in, show me a switch in the kitchen and within one second ‘flick’ the electric back on. 🙂

I’m a spaz. This is way all glamour pusses need a handy man.

But on the whole, i’m happy now, rested, I have lights on…and life is good.

The baby is in bed, Keiran is home and in love. He text me the other day with a,

‘I belong to you, you belong to me…you’re my sweetheart. 🙂 x’

How adorable!

AND last night on the sofa he laid down, cuddled me and said,

‘I’m really in love with you. I love you SO much. I love you. You love me. It feels good.’


I actually have a lot more to report, but for now…it’s family time.


C x

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