Let the Good Times Roll

The woman rudely standing infront of Me in this picture, being a drunken airplane, sells plums for a living. Love it! It’s CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM. I’m everywhere and hopefully near you soon.

5 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll”

  1. “let the good times roll” is the slogan for Kawasaki motorcycles here lol,makes me miss my motorcycles,ah yeah,i remember when i used to go clubbing and rode motorcycles,those were the days,my ultimate dream is to be able to get another motorcycle but the odds are slim to none,as far as clubbing goes,I’m too old for that shit lmao

  2. I can’t believe you just spewed a pointless motorcycle rant. Haha. You want one, you haven’t got one, life sucks…so move on hahahaha. I wanted a band of merry midgets. Did i get one….NO!!! But i’ve learnt to live with it.


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