Let me cause my chaos and be done with it

The great thing about me, is that i tend to always please myself really (haha, sounds dirty) and whilst pleasing myself, it seems to please others. It’s the Chrissie Wunna magic. I love it, that’s why i share it!! I just have this werid ability to love myself, even at my most unlovable moments!! Learn it, it’s HOT!!! You really can laugh anything off, or just stick ya middle finger up to it, and walk away. The best way really is to just file the adventure under ‘Good Times,’ and  even though people may ‘huff and puff,’ they’ll never ‘blow ya house down,’ the party inside it.. is too bloody gooooood!!!

Anyway, i’ve been offline for a few days, because i had to hand my laptop in at PC World. They took the damn thing for 4 days, after i paid them, only to tell me today that ‘yeah, it’s not working.’ Well, i DID kind of KNOW that already, hence why i brought it in to get fixed??? And kinda fixed, by YOU goddamit!!!! So now i have to pay them more money, so they fix it for me. I’m so confused?? Why not just mend it the first time??What more do i honestly have to do to get this bloody thing FIXED??? I mean, he probably had a good old look through all my topless pictures, and then STILL didn’t fix it. Cheeky bastard!! (haha) There’s no hope really is there!!! What is the world coming to, when a girl can’t even get her boobs out for the free fixing of computery devices??!! It’s disgusting!! So many pictures, so little help!

Anyway, i’m feeling much better. (Not that you asked.) As i’ve been wallowing in self pity over the last 3 days, and being a basic drama queen/ungrateful cow, all moaney and horrid. I’m over it now, after a 5 year old managed to tell me to pull myself together. Hilarious!! He told me to ‘fight for what i wanted.’ I asked him if he wanted a some wine. He told me to ‘pull myself together.’ Greatness!! 5 year olds are now better than Me. It’s tragic. Hurrah!!! I need a malibu pineapple. Anyhow, i’ve now recovered from my case of the blues and yeah, i’m back to my old normal self. I think i was just bored and when i’m bored bad things happen. Really… boredom makes me cry. Nothing else seems too, but that. Two days ago, i literally laid in my Mothers sheets, crying my eyes out, simply because i was bored!! (mode:Drama Queen) I’m a moron!! I mean, it’s funny now, but at the time, i was soooooooooo upset! A  family of bunnies could have got run over by a massive postal van and i would’ve just been like, ‘oh..’ Yet when i had nothing to do, i was hysterically crying!! It’s bizarre! When i’m bored, i feel like i’m dead because i’m not living, just existing. I think of all the fun, i should be having, like belly dancing around camels, poking soldiers in the eye whilst slogging down home made beer, skipping with mad hooligans to nursey ryhmes, and teaching monkey’s to speak english, and then i can’t take it and suddenly have to weep. I should be all over the world causing chaos. It’s what i’m good at. I will be soon. Watch me! I might not do much, yet i’ve got the basic art of living down bitches!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Join me!!

3 thoughts on “Let me cause my chaos and be done with it”

  1. you are quailaity chrissie u make me crack up babe i bet u have the best klife im sorry about your pc being brown for a lil while babe and the geezer not fixing it the first time the mug. but lets be honest the people who work at pc worl are dimlows i remeber trying to buy my pc the geezer new fuck all and it is his game. i hope u are feeling better know and are over your boredom next time u get down come see me in essex i will enhtertain u chrissie

  2. PC World are a useless and expensive waste of time and space … FACT!
    I personally recommend Kitamura Computers for PC and laptop repairs,
    they’re much better and cheaper than PC World will ever be!

    (Being the co-director, I would say that! But then it happens to be true!)

    I’ve not put the Kitamura web address here in case it’s classed as spam.

  3. I need to hire you as my personal computery fixer person. hahahah. Yeah, PC world keep taking my pences, then not fixing my laptop. hahaha i’m an idiot!! Yet, it humors me!


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