I look a bit frigid really, bagsy being the ‘butch’ one. (Kat and I failing the Photoshoot challenge…quite miserably! But still better than everyone else. Yet just in general.) When i’m older, i’ll look back on this merry time and think, ‘Wow, yeah…i really was a twat!’

(Chrissie is currently listenning to ‘Hot Dollar- Streets on Lock.’ She once made out with a dreamy bartender to it, on a sweaty LA night, dressed as a slutty cave girl, in an alley way. He ended up being gay and trying to kill himself by jumping off a roof. Lol. Waste of my outfit really.)

3 thoughts on “Lesbians”

  1. quality pic babe u and kat look alright at least u can have a bubble. i aint ever herd that tune is it good? i dint know u had that power on men babe sleep with u then top em slefes


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