Leaving it to Fate…



So, i worked all the way through the bank holiday, moaned all the way through it, yet was merry in the fact that I had lined my glitzy pocket with more dollar to make life that little bit more delicious. Then I got excited about holiday booking. We do that don’t we? I mean, I when i resided in tinsel town, I never used to get that excited about holiday booking, as life was one long, fabulous holiday. However, now that i’m working much harder, funding the lives of my loin fruit and doing it wonderfully..and in heels…i now quite enjoy a break. I can’t wait. Sunshine here I come. It’ll be the babies FIRST abroad holiday and well i plan to go twice this year. I’ve finally got to the ‘babies more grown up’ stage, meaning life is much much easier. Now i can thunder through money making with a *Ka Pow.* (I’m exhausted but i have so much help, that i’m lucky. Plus, working bank holiday was ace. I enjoyed great banter with new faces.)

Other than that i’m on a countdown, under glitzy pressure, but going to ace it like a champion. I’m honoured to have a ho neck. My neck is FABULOUS now, after thyroid surgery. I feel all swan like…and less like Frank Bruno. The rash is saying ‘good bye’ after steroid cream kicked it’s arse and well i’m feeling rested, happy and together. One of the great things about working the bank holiday is simply the fact that everyone has gone back to work and moaning today and well i’m HOME! Yippppeeee! Day off much. (I’m sat with Ruby packing. I’m proud of her because she’s super good at throwing things out. She’s ploughed through her toys and chosen to lob a fairly grand deal of them in the giveaway box. Lol. SEE!! I’ve raised a good girl, not a material girl after all. )

I’m quite busy and going through a lot, but i’ve cut myself away and plonked my merry, focused self in my own little bubble of life. I’m loving it..and well when i pop open, life will be AMAZING. Like the psychic said, April has been heavy…but i’ve almost done it. Apparently i’m ‘dancing around Maypoles’ next month, symbolizing happiness and good times. I’m so glad that it’s metaphoric as i’d hate to be putting my back out around a goddamn Maypole….literally. 🙂 I’ve almost got through April!!!! I’m breathing, i’ve worked MY ARSE OFF and well the results, with my heart in the right place, should be exactly the way I want it.

I mean, what can you do, other than live and hope life gives you choices that makes you smile in the long run…


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