Last night when ‘Ego’ saved our life


So, Friday night was Danielle’s leaving do! Most of us had worked all day, made sure we didn’t eat all day, rushed home, spruced up to the nine’s and with glitz in our eyes, strutted, drove or taxied to ‘Malones’ to say our ‘Goodbyes’ to ‘Leaving Danielle’ and celebrate her sail into her very next nursey chapter.

I was in a pinstripe, ‘peek a boob’ dress and heels, armed with a gift wrapped present, snuggled in a tiny coat, walking my way through a rainy, night time drizzle. The weather was shitty, but i was just excited to see ‘Greedy.’ (Danielle) So the cold, rain and wind, didn’t matter.

Got there early. I’m always early to nights out and I was immediately greeted by Florence, Katie and Lucy, who were part of the part and all dressed in black, glammy outfits, which pretty much made them Ackworth’s answer to The Kardashians. They looked amazing.

All smiles, all happy and as soon as I take one foot in the door, Katie turns around and says, ‘There isn’t a booking?’

Jaws drop. I immediately know that this is gonna piss Danielle off. But yes, she had called and made a dinner booking for 20 people at Malones…TWENTY PEOPLE, who had all travelled from all over town…and they hadn’t penned it in their diary, so had no recollection of the call, booking or anything. Lol

Everyone’s arriving faster and faster and we’re all just stood around, with a drink, looking like spare parts, with people eating around us, their staff looking panicked and maungey…and with nowhere to sit, and nothing to do.

Danielle arrives, gets in a huff, speaks to the manager and they open a dark function room for us, all cold and night clubby. I mean, i’m positive by nature, so i’m glad they did something, yet it sort of felt like a very empty ‘Biggies,’ and when you have people ranging from the ages 17 to Sixty, who were expecting DINNER… it’s probably not the best situation.

All’s okay, but we’re obviously just making the best of a bad situation. The good thing is that we all get on so well that we sat, opened gifts and chattered, gossiped, giggled, laughed, talked about work, life, futures, Danielle and pouting. It was actually tremendous fun. I loved it. So it goes to prove that it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you’re with that counts. It was good to catch up, get out, have fun, have drinks.

However, all that said and done…bottom line, you can’t leave 20 people from Yorkshire, with NO FOOD. Lol. The owner came in and made Danielle literally scroll through her phone to prove that she had called. (Bad manners.) She had, so then they were a bit fucked. But instead of simply saying they couldn’t do it, or they were sorry…they attempted to, which was so much worse.

We must have waited over an hour for three tiny starters, whilst we all tried to entertain ourselves…and then ended up waiting TWO WHOLE HOURS, FOR NO FOOD. Lol.

We all hadn’t eating and we’re now getting inappropriately tipsy. We asked the kitchen and the staff if they had even started our food…and they couldn’t seem to even answer?? We were all getting irritable, whilst waiting for 20 dishes…so in the end, i got the nod and I called ‘Ego’ in Ackworth and asked if they would kindly open the kitchen and seat 20 people, at the very last minute FOR DINNER..

And do you know what?

They DID!!!

How amazing! I mean you couldn’t even ask for better service. They have always gone above and beyond their call of duty for me and it is honestly one of my favourite places. It’s moments like that which can make who never want to go to a place like Malones again.

So yeah, we had all put in food orders and eating 3 starters, but fuck it, we all walked out after Ego confirmed that they would gladly have us…and we left with smiles to take dinner somewhere else.

As soon as we walked into Ego, we were greeted by Jodie the General Manager with kindness, fun, smiles and just brilliance. All 20 of us where seated straight away, we all bought drinks and within fifteen minutes, each and every one of us, had our delicious, fine dining meals in front of us! Boom!!!

The ambiance was immediately, lighter, better and more glamourous. We all had fun. We were happy that we had eaten and well, what can I say, service is key!

After dinner, we all ventured home. I had work the next morning…Danielle and Jenna went into town for partying…and the evening ended up…and because of Ego…being AMAZING.

Gonna miss you Danielle. xxx

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