Last night the ‘Sleep Mist’ saved my life….



I feel like i’ve been up forever? My sleep pattern (and this is due to newborns and 2 year olds) is odd. It’s a process of taking half hour kitty naps through the entire dark night, until my phone tells me it’s 6am. (Which is ‘wake up’o clock.’) Weirdly, I don’t feel bad at all! I feel great! Maybe we’re not meant to have massive sloth-like slumps of sleep? I mean, I even managed to wake up an hour before the children even stirred to do my entire face and rather glammy up-do! That’s a sign of a true Glamour Puss. Before life even begins  for another day…she has already winked, eyelashes, groomed and up-do’ed. I wonder whether Joan Collins does that? Probably not. 🙂  I’m sure she rolls a toyboy from her luxuries sheets each morning and with a rather elegant flair of diamond dripped, sweet rum tasting charm. Then gets the butler to remove him from her Beverly Hills premises, with a ‘Darling..I’ll call you. No, please do place your pants back on!’

Anyway, let’s *snap* back.

MUMS! If any of you are having severe problems with non-sleeping toddlers or bambinos.



..will save your life! It is the Mum & Me, by Cusson’s SLEEP MIST!! (I got mine from Boots!)

Oh MY GOSH! It is the Holy Grail! It is that extra hour of kip you’ve been ever so desperately needing. That moment of victory when you can hit *pause* and listen to the birds actually singing! 🙂 I spritzed it in both their rooms last night, right before it was time for them to lay their sleepy heads! ZONKED! Both of them! They slept through the evening a GREAT DEAL more than usual, to the point where I could actually sleep during my half hour kitty naps. No monsters. No bad dreams. No moaning. Just happy, peaceful, restful sleep. It was a Godsend. Worked like a charm! In fact, it could probably work on husbands!! When they get annoying, simply spritz all around them like an over heated maniac (you have to perform the ritual like a ‘rushed off your feet loony,’ and simply so they get confused and can’t figure out what is actually happening to them.) Then… BABOOM, they’ve made like Sleeping Beauty and crashed under a cheap blanket on your sofa. You can turn off the oven. Turn off the football. Grab yourself a vino and curl up to an episode of The Kardashians. YIPPEEEEEEEEE! You can thank me later….in GIFTS please.

So today, I’ve got the same old mountain of work to get through. I’m sorting out my OWN beauty line today with the good old country China and at the same time organizing the giveaway, which is now coming together quite nicely. I hope? I’ve never really done a giveaway before, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that is goes pretty well and that you all get excited about it! No matter what, it’s good to ‘give away’ during the festive season!  I’ll do my best and well it’s all in celebration of The Clothes Show live and it’s 25th anniversary. I thought i’d do my part, since I get to be shimmie on over there this year and report!

HOWEVER, I WILL SAY AGAIN, that I certainly need more MALE BRANDS. There’s lots of glamourous girly brands, start up brands, high street brands, big names, small names and baby brands…yet not very many MALE oriented BRANDS. Now, you are aware that I am purchasing some of the giveaway gifts myself..(they’re the gifts that I personally delight in and wish to share with you and also the gifts that i’ll be picking up for you at  The Clothes Show Live this year, during my time there.) But PLEASE don’t make me have to go buy GUY STUFF. A lot of the gifts have been donated and mailed over by sponsors and just super kind hearted folk, with a great eye for business and a very exciting brand. I need more male driven brands simply because the giveaway id for EVERYONE and right now the girls are just putting you out of business! Maybe men just don’t like to ‘give’ things away as easily?  We’ll see! I’ll sort it.

Lots to do. My coffee hasn’t worked! I’m getting nervous about my beauty line now. I shouldn’t do, but at times you can’t help but let fear get to you and think you’re not good enough. That’s actually the worst thing you can do. So, i’m pulling up my glammy knee highs and with confidence marching forward. I’ve got to get my ‘ooh laa’ in check.  It WILL WORK. IT WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST BRANDS ON THE MARKET! *Gin here.*It may not be easy. Yet i’m ready for the attack! 🙂

I don’t really have too much else to report right now. Sad but true! I’m addicted to ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and it has become the highlight of my evening, every evening! It’s so well cast this year and well everyone seems so likeable. It makes much more interesting telly. Kian is my favourite. He shouldv’e joined the Army not been in a boyband. 🙂 He seems so determined and like one of those guys that can do everything. So, it’ll be good to seem him in a trial tonight. Joey Essex is great. Yet, we’ve seem a lot of him now and think a bit more balance is needed. (However, I still can’t forgive him for his really rubbish dance moves in the live trial. AS IF you can’t figure out the Y.M.C.A boogie arms!) But ah well..moving on. I enjoy the Tweet stating that I was one reality show away from ‘I’m a Celebrity.’ I wish! I’m be rubbish But i’d love it in there. I filmed a show last year for ITV and straight afterward they were headed to the jungle to begin ‘I’m a Celebrity.’ It was the same when I filmed the Paris Hilton thing.

Anyhow, I must dandy off and get some work done. My days seem to fly by so quickly and I hardly ever get it all done and dusted!

Junior has his injections tomorrow, UGH! He gets really uncomfortable after them and can’t sleep for about a week. That should be fun! And I FINALLY have my thyroid scan on Friday at Pinderfields hospital. In case you didn’t know, I have this lumpy growth, (it’s gross) sticking out of my gland on my neck. It’s internal,  rubbish  and extremely annoying. It’s not cancerous or anything, just massive, so after this scan, I’m going through surgery to have it remove and simply so in the future it doesn’t cause me any concern. I kinda want to hurry the process up. I’m sick of it now. I want my neckline BACK! 🙂

Have a good one..

C x












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