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Okay so last night was somewhat eventful. I presented unsigned music acts at Freedom for ‘Pop-Revue,’ at a  kooky little venue in soho, and well the place was deligthful, the people who hired me were amazing ,( yet they always are,) but my co-host was uncomfortable, annoying and pretty unproffessional. I’m surprised at how childish he was. Yeah, not really as good as i expected him to be at all. I wore a red corset with frilly black knick knacks, as I swung around a disco balled pole for photos, with many a being on ‘nipple watch,’ and wine pouring duties. He tried to fight with me the whole way through for attention, so ‘people’ could see, coz he talks so much ‘made up’ rubbish about me. Why bother?? Remind me not to worky work with ex-boyfriends again… Eww, what did i ever once see in him? Infact no-one knows?? (lol) Everyone kept asking Me the whole entire night. Thank god i don’t have to be near him now. He’s so plain, easy to read and broken & came with the most boring bunch of people, i had ever laid eyes on. However other than that, i had a GREAT time, a right laugh, great fun friends, lots of booze, winks and wiggles and secret work talks.

Anyway, after the event, i decided that ‘fuck it’ whilst i’m all a merry, joy, joy, i might aswell stay out and play, right? It always gets the better of me and i had found myself in a silver sequinned dress, and an eye for danger. Lethal combination and yeah within minutes 4 other boys had agreed to come with Me. They wanted one drink and figured why not go with someone who knows how. Therefore armed with decent boyyage, silver sequins and the ability to ditch the jealous boring people…we ventured off for a drinky…or two. Even though we began our ‘drinks’ in Village, we ended up dancing to Kylie at G-A-Y.

I took Gay Adam (who kept insisting he was straight, but bursting into any gay song he could, whilst complaining) Chris (who is one hell of a sexy man…hot as hell, but quieter than normal) Terence (who i’ve hung out with a lot recently and well i think he’s HILARIOUs, so much fun, i love him) and Jay…(who’s quite cool, enjoys the finer things in life and well was really sweet at the end of the night.) I didn’t invite ‘the other one’ because  i couldn’t be arsed with him…so i bought them 2 rounds of drinks and yeah..G-A-Y…we played. Like ya do.

I was blotto by this time, smearing my reputation non-stop, all over the place and wiggling around to every song imaginable, talking to strangers, loving the hoochie life in sequins.I can’t remember too much, other than ‘the boy i left out’ turning up at the club and staying all night and then ‘stars are blind’ being played, me standing on something that i wasn’t meant to be standing on and The gays (who i adore) worshipping me and dancing along merrily. I think a few pelvic thrusts, grinds, and pouts could be added to that sentence. I felt like the Queen of the goddamn world and tried to make them play it over and over again. Hahaha. Am that tragic!

Went outside for a little bit, came back in, danced around some more, felt a few gays up, look to behind me to the sofa and yeah my BAG had been NICKED! Gone! Done! Yep, pretty much stolen. (Losers.) I think it’s very wrong to steal (unless i’m doing it.) But yeah, i lost it, went insane, nearly cried….then danced to Britney. I mean it’s funny now, because i’m a Goddess, therefore, it takes way more than that to make my world come to a holt…but at the time i was mental. I mean it could’ve even been someone i knew? But charges will be pressed!! We called the police.

Went to ‘Balans‘ after that for a burger with Gay Adam…can’t remember much. You know when you’re just in complete shock! Like who’s honestly chavvy enough to take a girls purse and phone?? (‘ooh i love you. I love i’ll take ur bag when you’re not looking.’) They empited it out. Losers. Get a job, make money, then you won’t have to snatch it. Unless it was done deliberately to upset me. People are like that with me. They like to see me in trouble. But whatever, not for long. I’ve completely sorted it all out now and i’m dandy. Nice try!

But yeah, life is dencent again. I’m looking up, taking it on the chin, happy, excited and have a great future a head of me. Lucky girl really. I don’t have much to be upset about, if i’m honest.

Anyway, really tired now. Got in at 6am. I’ll sleep like a baby tonighta. Oh and THANKYOU everyone for all your support. I love you x One of the good things about last night, was that a lot of truths we’re told. I found out a lot about a ‘certain’ being. AWFUL!! Things are now all starting to make sense..that didn’t quite add up at before. It’s funny how things get accidentally discovered. Knowledge is always power my pretties. Can’t wait to out it all.

Need sleep xxx

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  1. loving the pic chrissie u made me feel better after i had yesterday of graft being ill your guns could heal any man. i saw the pic of u in the corset and all i can say is fucking hell u are a proper rocket i am leased u got drunk but i am so soory someone robbed your bag and phone if i was there and found the lil tea leaf i would of cut him for u chrissie u need to take a tool and some cs gas in your bag for such situations know babe


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