Last Minute Shuffle


Christmas Eve was MENTAL. It was m last day off before Christmas, I hadn’t yet bought all my gifts, or purchased any of the Christmas dinner and I had half the day to do it in, as the evening was for the babies.

We came up with this ‘get up early as hell’ scheme to get everything sorted, on time…so at 7am…our alarms went off (I have a peaceful but sharp phone alarm and Ben’s is this horrendous, cranky, ongoing madness of an alarm.) But we got up…and by 8.30am, we were on the road, en route to our local supermarket, to be followed by another supermarket, (where which pretty much smashed our giant shopping list in about half an hour,) followed by an immediate trip to The Range in Doncaster and then the dreaded, busy as hell Frenchgate shopping centre.

Now, I love Doncaster and i adore The Frenchgate, but when the pressure is on and the place is busy, it’s stressful!

Being us, we stopped off at the new American Diner (Ed’s Easy Diner’) that’s in the shopping centre, as a fuel up…Great burger, loved trying somewhere new, didn’t sell wine though :), so we had to do another stop off for a drink, before i left Ben for an hour, to tend to himself, as I rushed around the stores buying every single last gift that I needed to purchase.

Madness, i tells you! It was insane. Ben didn’t want me to leave him for an hour as he thinks something always goes wrong when i’m not there, like he get’s lost, hurts himself or ends up doing something stupid. Lol. But i rushed off, got it all done, got in every queue that I needed to and spend HUNDREDS of pounds in an hour and a half.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Ben, with his present in tow, and to get out of the flipping shopping centre. My arms are shite at carrying anything, so tottering around with what felt like the heaviest bags in all the land, with no help was something that i’m not used to 🙂 and well it was rubbish.

Got back in the car, got home, the journey couldn’t go quick enough…even though we had merry Christmas songs playing and we felt the need to sing a long to them loudly.

But yes, we were back for moments, unpacking and wrapping and then out of nowhere my Mum showed up to drop of the children and from that point, even though we were like two loose wires all over the place, Christmas had started.

We drank, had fun, prepped for the day ahead and then after setting out the milk, carrot and mince pie for Santa, we WAITED for the babies to go to sleep.

Junior, was out like a light. As soon as he saw a firework and believed it was Santa in the sky, he passed out. Ruby was DETERMINED to stay up to catch him…and didn’t go to bed until 11pm!

We literally had LOADS to do, once Ruby went to bed, like gift wrapping, Santa’s footsteps, snow spraying the windows and setting up this Fast Food joint and hospital that we had bought them. So not only were we knackered, but it was rushy.

We got it done, because he had to…but the magic of Christmas is stressy for parents.

Ben chose to sleep on the sofa, so the children could sleep in my bed and so that he could set his alarm for six o clock in the morning, to start prepping Christmas dinner.

At 7.30am, the babies and I weren’t even up..well Junior was, Ruby was far too shattered. But i looked at Ben’s face and the sheer child like excitement that was filled in face, to open his own presents got the better of us…so (after i did my face 🙂 .) we trotted downstairs, to watch the babies be amazed and to see them open their presents….

It was truly amazing. But it was the slowest opening of presents ever, by the kids. Every present they opened, they insisted on playing with for about an hour, before opening the next gift, But i loved that, because they loved every moment of their gifts. (When you’re a Mum, you love that.)

Ben got excited about his gifts, so needed to open them pretty much immediately.

I had opened mine a couple days before, because he let me. HAHAHA. Even though i refused to let him. So I got the most gorgeous bracelet and the pinkest Ted Baker purse ever…which I ADORED! It was so ME!

He loved his gifts (Camera, Two hotel nights, Ralph Lauren aftershave giftset and a remote control, inflatable Star Wars figure…don’t ask) ….the babies loved their gifts more anything….then cooking dinner began…as we had my entire family (cousins from London and everything) coming over…and well Ben took it upon himself to cook his first ever Christmas dinner…

This was our first ever Christmas together the first time Ben had done a ‘with Baby’ Christmas…and the first time he had ever cooked an entire Christmas dinner…


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