Last Minute Shop Off.

Chucked it down yesterday, didn’t it! Great, if your inside cuddled up with your warm cuppa whatever, with a handsome bit of ‘love you,’ or a family that tends to caring for you deeply, or if your working out your dreams come true! I was running out of a pub, after a drink and late unch with a friend, through the Pontefract cobbled streets, in a tight black dress, with big hair, eyelashes, boobies and MY MASSIVE FAIL WASH OFF TAN that i had quickly applied before i left the house, simply because i thought my arms weren’t orange enough! UGH!

Nothing is worse than wash off tan when you live in ENGLAND. It shouldn’t be allowed. I had tiger tan streaks literally draining off me, which infact made me look as though the ASIAN in me was ‘wash off’ also, as very distinct white lines seemed to be making a rapid appearance. It was sort of a ‘Cinderella leaving the ball’ moment, yet i couldn’t be arsed with a carriage or a pumpkin and instead I  had to leg it to my Mercedes in order to get to my nursery run on time..IN THE FUCKING RAIN! My fairy god mother probably stayed in the pub getting pissed on alcopops. ‘At five o clock Wunna, your tan will streak off..and yes it will be the death of you as your Asian will streak off with it. Call me, next time you want a bit of dreams come true.’ 

I even ran and i hate running.

Okay, so i did the nursery run, again in the rain and well Rubes decided to sleep all the way home and from that point all the way to bed. There was just me, as Junior was with Keiran for the evening. So, i did the party thing and fell asleep on the living room bean bag, still streaked from the rain before waking up and taking myself pretty self to bed at 8pm. 🙂 It was actually the first night out of my two week holiday where i actually felt that I caught up on my sleep. It actually felt like a holiday lie down. But i’m not bothered as I’ll have that ALL next week, no nursery runs or work to wake up for…just peace, the forest and perfectness. I CANT WAIT!

After spending a couple of months studying men and i’ve studied men from all walks of life, old, young, rich, poor…lost…found…you name it i’ve chattered to them in passing, on purpose, or just because…i’m starting to really sorry for them and well i’m realizing how hard it must be to be a bloke, a guy, a boy, a gentleman. It really is much easier being a girl and because at the end of the day we have the ultimate power…we are their weakness…and in fact also their everything.

It doesn’t matter how young or old they seem to be, as there’s a strand of insecurity that braids through them all. I’ve noticed that MONEY makes them happy. The more they have the more of a MAN they feel. It doesn’t prevent them from feeling insecure, yet it keeps their ego big enough to mask the fear. At the end of the day, they just want to be loved and preferably by a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, who is everything to them.

It’s really hard being a boy…so I THANK FLIPPING GOD THAT I’M A GIRL! AND A HOT ONE!! 🙂

I hope all men find their ‘happy,’ as we women seem to be able to find it anyway…we’re multi taskers, who can make anything work for us…in the end.

Today, i’m waiting to get Baby J back (who is my little bundle of everything.) It’s weird because Junior looks just like me, yet he has his father’s personality…so it’s like dealing with Keiran…in his simpliest baby form. Then i’m off to shop with my family, enjoy the hopeful sun and again buy last minute supplies for the forest. You always end up spending a week buying apparent ‘last minute’ supplies.

The forest is pricey in Summer and probably costs more than going abroad, but i love it SO INCREDIBLY MUCH, that i’m all for a family tradition. I love relaxing in the depths of the woods, in my hot tub, away from the drama and bustle. It’s my sanctuary and i’m gonna need it as it’s my last week off before i’m back at work, smack banging the grind. Gimme. Gimme! It’s going make work seem so much more stressful, once i’m back. Work gets in the way of everything doesn’t it. Lmao. But we’ve got to do it, in order to get to where we want to be! I’m all for working my arse off to get the result i want. I’m tried, but i’ll get back up…hopefully in a better tan.

Other than all that, i’ve had a ‘picture off’ with a friend and lunch with a Power Ranger. Life is good! I think?

Lunch mate: ‘I’ll look like a Power ranger. Oh well.’

Me: ‘Power Rangers are cute.’

Lunch Mate: Good job really.

Me: ‘Oh no sorry….it was people NOT dressed as Power Rangers that I thought were cute. :)’



Love you all.

Chrissie x



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