Lashes, phones and sausage rolls



Oh Lord! What a weekend!

Let’s just say when your birthday weekend consists of a mixture of shopping, drinking, magical trips, wankers, ace people, warming up sausage rolls, accidentally selling snowmen balloons, with a size of cow faced chocolates, dishing out eyelashes and opening gifts FROM GUCCI…all in an updo…you’ve pretty much had a rather odd, but tremendous time.

What i didn’t get was romance.

Hmm…? ( the name of my friend ‘Booty’ this is the part where she looks at me, knows i’m about to moan and will simply say ‘here we go…’)

Why am I sooo shitty at picking boys, finding boys and auditioning Mr.Right? I’m flattered to be bundled with attention, be it ones from potential serious suitors, or ‘willies’…yet for some reason men…and not boys because boys adore me because they’re foolish and i have boobs….but men are terrified of me? I’ve reduced them to shakes and mental disorders and everything.

Where are the normal, sweet, sensible tough cookies? Once that can do the romance and tell me i’m beautiful, with the ‘i’m in it forever’ sign wedged in the ground next to him. Wait…Lol..that sounds rude! Wahey!

But yes, i know think that even though Keiran was a  twit…and a big twit to me…he was actually on the flip side….(and more often than not) the most romantic creature on the planet. I was wined, dined, gifted with diamonds, told that I was loved out of ‘Giant Jenga’ planks. Lol In fact, in that manner he did everything exactly how I would’ve wished it and because he usually strives to please…..everyone.

So, now, i need that…but someone who’s a bit more emotionally together, who i can have a giggle with , who adores me and accepts me for who am I, sees substance in my wink and just someone’s who sensible. HAHA.

(I can’t believe i sold cow face chocolates.)

Anyway, away from that i’ll tell you that i’ve over bought for my children this year for Christmas, i actually received a Gucci handbag for my birthday also and another pair of shoes for driving in by Louboutin. Pete found me in CoOp and handed me sparkling wine and i bought myself makeup and a big old i can cook a giant CHRISTMAS DINNER.

OOoh! Oooh!

I have a new PHONE. Mark at ‘EE’ (always sounds like pills)  in Doncaster…wiggled my upgrade around and slide me over an iphone six (I have to type the number out because my number ‘six’ doesn’t work…so all this time that i moaned and groaned because i would never get an iphone and simply to refuse to follow trend….I now have one…

…and it’s tremendous!

I actually adore it.

I love phone upgrades that end up being great! So, you should all get an iphone six…simply because i have one. Oh and will you please buy more lashes! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS!

Okay, i’ve got to go….i’ve got work in exactly an hour.

I’ve now got excellent working Skype on my phone, so all those times that i missed those fricking calls, that I really needed to pick up, are OVER. It sort of annoys me, as i’ve been waiting and waiting to chitter chatter to this ‘someone’ and i haven’t been able to…now i can…but it seems to late. ANNOYING.

Must get over. Must go!

Cya! x







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