Lash line Countdown…


Okay, so i’ve had this surprisingly AMAZING day at work today, where we performed better than we thought we would. If anything, i’m a kitten who adores to achieve and i take great pride int he work that I do, without being sickly competitive and more chipper, when it comes to the ‘fight’ of it all.

Awesome day at the day job…Once again, great day spent with the most amazing folk. HOWEVER, i DID lose a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that I was bidding for on which has annoyed me more than ever, as i was so close and well…i think i sort of more wanted to ‘win’ the bid, than adore the shoes. I was beat out to a chick named ‘Ruby L’ and because i ran out of juice and started re reading old messages from boys. UGH! So, now they’re on my ‘Dear Santa’ list. Saying that, i’m also wanting to grab a pair of Louboutins. Leopard print ones. And es, so i can kick people glamourously, whilst i strut.

Away from that…yes…i’m doing a Chrissie Wunna eyelash countdown. I’m doing one because…well i could say that I wanted to build excitement…but the honest reason is because I haven’t received my product pictures yet and i’m upset…rally upset, that it’s made me have to have vino. Like i could possibly have a weep. It’s upset me because, i really wanted to have my site ‘live’ today and now i can’t. Everything always has to be a ball ache in Wunnaland. Nothing can just go smoothly. But instead of stressing, i’m trying to reach for nay cliche that will make me more i’ve gone for ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Good, right? 🙂

But whatever, i just wanted it all done for today and ‘The Gods’ don’t want it to float just yet. The pics are done, there was just some trouble on my receiving end…as in…i don’t have them. Lol. A bit cross…yes. Upset..yes. But happy that i’ll get there in the end. 🙂

Hope you’re all ready to get supporting my cause. The eyelash countdown as begun! Launching…soon. Within days, moments…who knows.

They are great gift folks! So buy, buy, buy!

It’s times like this, when i wish i could totter home, with a ‘dolly’ face of somewhat glum and just have a strapping, handsome gent to cuddle me and tell me that all is going to be okay and that he adores me regardless and that i’m actually still wonderful…y’’s all that ‘hero’ type shit, that makes all girls feel better. 🙂 I want that…and a massage…and a surprise…and my lost Jimmy Choo’s. Lol

But i have eyelashes coming…

Stay tuned and have your credit cards ready. 🙂

Love you,

Wunna x


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