Ku Bar, Pre-Bar Tonight & My Exes

Morning my Tender Treats of ‘Umph!’ How are you?? I’m having the best start to the weekend, and apart from not eating coleslaw simply because i don’t quite understand the concept of it, today feels like it’s going to be pretty amazing. You know when you can just feel it in ya bones. (oooh laa.) It’s going to be delicious.

I’ve decided to make the executive decision to be extremely positive today and have began by performing tremendous dance routines in order to keep fit, after drinking a great deal last night, and infront of my window. Me and my snake hips get me far. (Yes, i am rubbish. But you try being ‘Vanilla Ice’ at 10am.) This time last year, i was filming a tv show. This time the year before that i was on a balcony in LA, Los feliz to be exact, dancing to ‘Jenny from the block’ and today…well i’m writing parts of two books, organizing a big shoot, and getting excited about a project that is currently in my heart!! Can’t wait!! Lucky, Lucky!

To celebrate my Greatness, i’m going to be going out for a tipple or two this evening, with friends who also enjoy a tipply tipple and one that i have encouraged to ‘party’ a little more under the stars, (i’m creating monsters i know, but i like people to live an unsheltered life) and i think instead of rocking a pretentious ‘hotspot’ (which i do love by the way and because it’s for free) i’m gonna be shimming up to Ku Bar, and then Pre-Bar, at around 8-ish. Woo-hoo! I’m up for a bit of cheeky Tom Foolery. I’m like the ‘Angel of Party,’ who you meet in your life when you need to be freee and act like your a Rockstar for a bit, until ofcourse you can handle it on your lonesome…then get herpes or arrested, whilst i dandily move on.

Y’know, I laid in bed this morning thinking about how mean i’ve been about some of my exes, (truthful..but mean) and i’m all for the the ‘exes, exes never touch’ theory,’ but since i’m all positive, and before someone ruins it, and simply because theres far too many of them now around the world, for me to ‘not touch.’ I’m going dedicate precious time to saying nice things about some of the ones i’ve slated…(she sips her mimosa and fans herself.) I mean they did journey me through part of my life, and a memory is a treasure and all that ‘yada’….(but first i must talk to the police who are standing outside my door. Wonder whats happened?? Please God make it be a strippergram!!!) Is it true that everything that happens to you, is prepping you for what lies ahead??

Mikey, (the love of my life) and has been the most positive influence on me. Knows how to treat a woman well, but when your his. The best husband any girl could ever wish for. A man of great strength. An emotional being and was always there for Me. I remember when we first met…magical.

Lee: Ambitious. Glad i didn’t marry him. But was fun and loved me. He taught me my ‘flashy’ ways. (Blame him.) A great looking MAN!!! HOT!!!

Ryan: A good boy, a great best friend, i have such a history with him and i remember a warm LA night when we got stoned (i don’t do that now) at a barbeque and laughed so hard, we cried all the way home, and insisted on riding a Giant African tortoise, and watched ‘Niko the gothy lesbian’…(hahaha….i’m not over it yet..hahaha) save her fall!!! LOL. I’ve truely never laughed harder than that night with you. I really wish i could give you a cuddle…sorry for hurting you.

Eric: One of the most decent, normal boys i’ve dated. Honest, loyal, reliable, simple. Again…sorry for lying to you ALL the time. My ‘ooh laa’ got the better of me. (wink) Glad were friends now though. A forgiving soul.

Latin Lover: No-one has our history. The most tolerant, and patient man i’ve ever met, even to this day. He can handle my bullshit, because he’s been through a lot worse. I love him. Amazing man. I remember everything. Open, loving, affectionate male. Quite misjudged and the worst singer in history. I loved our fights!!! You’ll really made an effort with me. (God this is getting long. UGH!)

Jonny: Actually underneath it all, a really loving, sweet boy. Affectionate, sensitive. Cares more than he dares to show. A champion of the ‘front.’ I have really great memories with him. A smart boy. We’ve had the best n worst of times, but that’s better than no ‘times.’ I remember laying on a bed with him in a Hotel room and we just talked for hours and he told me about his life. My favourite time with him. And the ‘love letter’ was sweet. (I’m sorry i hurt you.)

Tommy: My drunken sailor. What can i say. Lots of fun. Nearly killed me…but fuck it, why not move to New York on a whim and live life. You gave me the best come on line, and fmy best first date EVER! Generous, generous boy. Great sense of humour. Loved the banter. Infact, the best humour i’ve have found in a boy ever.

Lashes: Lovely. Understanding. Great respect for him. Charity guy: Wish i hid better! HAHAAHAHA

…can’t be arsed to do the rest really. Hahaha. Why did i bother?? There’s too many!!

I’m now going to shower, shop and get ready for tonight. (Currently shamelessly dancing to JC Chasez.)

I’ve decided my next boy, or next ‘EX’ (hahaha) will be one of the loving, yet ‘Flashy’ variety. There’s not that much pickings over here in the Motherland. Where are you hotties?????

5 thoughts on “Ku Bar, Pre-Bar Tonight & My Exes”

  1. have a good night chrissie i am going to me pals party and it is gonna get messy i am gonna get out of me cannister have a drink for me tada

  2. Hey slagtascularrrrrr!!

    I am currently scowering through my closet of wonders trying to find something to wear for tonight…. I might just rock a borat thong thing and let it be done!! haa

    In the background “hush hush” is blasting through my speakers and I have been door-humping again!! = nothing new there…

    Anyways, I am gonna get in the shower, scream at clothes, dance and shimmy a little then I will grab the fabulous new and improved Natz and call youuuuu hoeeeeeeee

    Brap a dap dap!!



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