Knitting, Babestation & OOh Laa



Thursday! Let’s do this!

I’ve actually managed to have a lay in until 8am this morning. I know! Yipppeee! I didn’t indulge in a proper ‘lay in’ though, as my eyes just couldn’t go back to sleep for an hour and my body had decided to get up and perform the ‘get ready’ routine.

I’m about to drive to work. MY cars all iced up, which is always a bastard, sin’t it. LOL. I’m an absolute girly girl, with a Diva mouth, and I’ve learnt that you can’t just shout or wink at your car and have it defrost, de…ice… Lol….itself?? UGH! I like to wake up and miraculously have it done for me by defrost fairies or something? However, and as we know, that never is the case, when you’re a girl of the ‘rush around’ variety.

Right! I do actually have to go and i’m missing my petrol station Costa for this! Half my eyelash is hanging off because i’ve run out of good glue and now having to use my ‘found in the back of the drawer’ budget glue. I have my pink, faux fur, hooded parker on…but my legs don’t want to stand up today and my ankle is being wibbly. (I need to get it checked out, as ankles hold up my awesome calves. 🙂 )

Now, we didn’t do ‘nookie’ last night because i had a wine and passed out on the sofa. I woke up to Ben, easing me awake to take me upstairs, but once i’m asleep, I’m asleep, and that’s that. Plus, because of work, I think that once i’m on a baby free rest night….my body lulls into this ‘rest’ mode and doesn’t want to play.

He’s having a hard time with bedroom antics, right now, as we’ve gone form having sex pretty much every single day…good sex. to the ‘devil vagina magic’ Lol…disappearing into thin air, simply because…..well I don’t know? I’m shattered, i’ve running around after babies, i’m tense, i’m working on my Vlogs, I’m mentally busy, more than anything and i just can’t seem to relax. Right now, I feel sexy, but don’t feel, what I call ‘ooh laa,’ which is the mood, you need to tinker into the bedroom.

It’s normal. i’ll get over it. I mean, we had it the other day. Ben’s willy is probably dying, hahah, beccaue for him, he has this over boobied, oriental doll, skimping around the home, kissing his cheek and rubbing his leg…that just goes to sleep afterward! HAHAHAHA. But i guess, once we get on a ‘Date Night’ and change my everyday environment….my head will ooze into ‘chill’ mode and fun time will occur.

If not…he’ll have to take up knitting or Babstation. Lol.

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