Knackered so i’m going to bed!

Long busy day! I shot for a U.S magazine today, and i’m use to a 4 hour glamour shoot. Today, i stumbled through an 8 hour shoot, 10 different sets, lots of dirty faces, and a moment of almost nearly passing out! Yay! It was fun though!! Tiring, but fun!! (Even though i did turn a bit too Diva, mid shoot.) It is not as easy  as it looks!! However, i was told that i am apparently the type of girl that is ‘Born to simply be looked at,’ and also one that needs ‘other people to do everything for her.’ I agree with both statements. I could probably add a few more….like ‘slutty after booze, and ‘doesn’t like fat men.’ I think my photographer fancied me a bit today?? (old news) He claimed that i want ‘every man in the whole world to fancy me.’ He’s right! Well sometimes, most of the time i can’t be bothered. He also asked what type of man turns me on…i said, ‘ones that BUY me stuff!!’ hahaha!! Champion!!

I am way too tired to write this right now. I can’t even read what i’m writing? Its almost midnight….my coach will be turning into a pumpkin..I am so tired… i could pass out cold!

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