Kissy Kissy

Forcing people to dance on my lips . She’s just not into me is she? If at first you don’t succeed…use force, violence, love and tantrums. However, do be warned that by the time you get it, you really won’t want it anymore. I don’t like to have to work  too hard for anything, when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s against my body’s religion. Plus, i think it’s really wussy when boys dance to the beat of the ‘hard to get’ bongos. You’re not puffs! I mean there’s being a gentleman, and then there’s just being a straight up ‘Pansy.’ See it, hunt it, love it and Darlings make it YOURS!

Hard to get = Waste of my time

(I’m now going to perform tremendous dance routines to MC Hammer, simply because i’m AMAZING!! Pass me my diamonds!)

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