Problem: I can’t stop feeling rebellious. I’ve just got out the shower, after having a bit of a banter with my ‘Handsome’ and well there’s just something in me, (Hmm..why doesn’t that make a change? lol) Anyway, yeah there’s something in me that’s needs to just be filed under ‘kink.’ I’m minx like. I’m playful. I’m experimental and naughty. If i’ve been a bit of a goody two heels for a looong stretch of time, without a bit of ‘tut tut tut’…i begin to become deliciously anxious and a tiny part of me, feels the need to rebel.

Unfortunately, i’m Chrissie Wunna..the Ultimate Glamour Puss of All things ‘ooh laa,‘ and well i DON’T EVER do things by halves. With me you will always get a full ginormous display of ‘wumbo jumbo.’ I love hard. I fight hard. I express hard and whilst i was stood in the shower, letting the warm ‘rain’ waterfall upon me, i started *flashbacking.* Oh the joys of the Flashback and weirdly apes were involved?

Anyway, i haven’t done a proper Glamour shoot in ages. (Well what i would call a ‘Glamour shoot,’ anyhow.) I haven’t done one, not because i didn’t want to, but i was told that it would be better for me NOT to. *slapped wrist* I’ve pretty much been a model of this sort for a rather long time now and in my mind there’s really nothing wrong with baring a bit of flesh and pouting, if you’re brave enough to do it. I’m a brave girl and we all know i love my body. It’s not that i feel like i have to take clothes off to BE sexy. I take them off because i’m not ashamed of what’s underneath them…and ofcourse it’s funny. I never encourage others to do it. I live MY story and let others choose their chapters of life, without judgement. Be you a librarian or a stripper, a lawyer or a taxi driver, gay, straight, black,white, good, bad. At the end of the day it truely makes no difference, what you do, if you truely aren’t harming others and you are comfortable with WHO you are! We all cry the same. We all feel the same. We all love the same and we all hurt the same. We’re human beings just trying to tango our way through life. And that’s what i LOVE about this world…PEOPLE!

When i was in the shower a minute ago, i kinda felt like i was missing the ‘glamour modelling’ part of my life. I think, i’m naturally an exhibionist and i don’t think it’s wrong. I think, i celebrate being sexy and i celebrate my ‘story.‘ I mean, i’m not  saying I wanna do it all the time, non-stop until exhaustion. But I AM saying that I am a kitten who actually loves a job of that nature and funnily enough i’m actually REALLY REALLY GOOD AT IT! (And well bottom line.. it makes me a great deal of ‘Moola Tallulah.’ It’s kinda a job, i was built for. Yet unfortunately a job that is frowned upon. Whoopeeee!)

Anyway, away from that, today i’m feeling fun, delicious and about to groom for the drinks that i have later with my boy of ‘Lover.’ I need a snack. I’m craving water and well these multi coloured rollers in my hair, really do make me feel like Nora Batty. I can’t wait for the evening to be upon us. *Grabs lipgloss- scrolls through phone*

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