Keiran & The Affair…


Just kitty cat returned from early dinner and a Disarno at our pretend local ‘The Castle.’ Keiran & I adore it there and well if today was about findin out ‘happy place’ we sure as hell did.

HOWEVER, let me take you back to 20 minutes before cosy ‘i love you’ drinks, by a fireplace, where a potential new car wandered into our chapter… There we were at around 4pm, chilling at the Land Rover dealership in Wakefield, with salesman Tom and a coffee machine that the receptionist there believes Keiran adores. We’ve decided to purchase a new car to add merriment to our union and celebrate our ‘love’ the good old material way. *Wiggle-here* We’re not really material people, however a good old *splurge* be it in your pants, in your heart, or out of your bank balance doesn’t do anyone any harm really? *Roll in Madonna.* I’m a Kitty cat who likes nice things. I’m aware the key to life is love and family..but if we want a white Range Rover, then who am i to discipline my useless craving for ‘objects that don’t matter.’ 🙂

All was perfect, until we were both sitting in the posh ‘wait here’ area…counting our blessings by car magazines, good lighting, by a coffee machine and surrounded by cars of the Range Rover variety. I was all ‘dolly’ in a cardigan that simply said ‘i have tits’ in green and yellow, with fur topped boots an dpleated denim skirt. I was giggling and wiggling away waiting for my handsome to confess undying love to me and to my ultimate HORROR, i look to up my darling chunck-a-hunka and he is lovingly smiling, with all of his heart at something in the properly eyeing it up, like he couldn’t have even laid eyes on anything more beautiful.

Being the 100% secure kitty cat that i am…i do what any bitch would do and follow his eye line. (Even though i was in great lighting and thought i looked divine…i couldn’t help but feel a bit ‘what the fuck is he looking at!!??!!’) There she was..the lady who had caught my handsomes eye..all white and gleaming, all Fuji and shining with all her lumps and bumps in all the right places and a motor that could set his pants on fire any moment of the day.

It was a car. A car of the white Range Rover variety and i swear on my life, i had never seen him look at something in absolute utter awe than i did in that moment. He was completely memsorized and literally had to *snap* his little face out of it. (‘Keiran you are looking at that car like you are in love with it! Infact, you are looking at that thing with eyes and a smile that you never looked at ME WITH!!’-GRUMPY DOLLY FACE HERE!)

Now it wasn’t the fact that he adored the car. He’s a boy, they love big engines, and smooth surfaces. It was the fact that he was looking at it, NOT LIKE he wanted to fuck it, roll it out of bed, and call it a fucking taxi home. But like he wanted to love it, caress it, stroke it lovingly with a gentle tender heartfelt ooze of ‘i care,’ followed with a marriage proposal and maybe a gallop through the fields of love, in complete happiness. I there with my tits and attention and in that moment i was totaly 2nd best to something that goes ‘brum brum’ that he didn’t even need to really test drive, because (and this is the quote) he already knew he loved it and wanted it. Lol.

After a wiggle, a wink and a ‘you don’t look at me with eyes like that.’ He looked me in the eyes and told me how much he loved me. Then within seconds Tom appeared and before you know it, he had run off, with me a fast totter behind, leapt into the driver’s seat of the Range Rover and was driving it like he was in some kind of paradise! I texted in the back. But even though he played it ‘cool like Fonzi’ and like he had done this a million times before…he apparently couldn’t believe that he was driving one. (It’s his dream car. I am merely his dream woman. Lol.)

Anyway, we did the rounds. The boys bantered and i stretched out of the back, hoping that i didn’t leave tan marks on the cream interior and after a merry bit of number crunching and him feeling telling me how ‘hot’ i looked today, we ended up at The Castle for a bit of fish and chicken and to talk about the future. It was there after Disarno, that i place my new Twitter/Facebook status up, about his affair. I didn’t realize, (but secretly did) know that it would cause such a stinker. My handsome hero loves me…the affair was with a car..and not with another little lady. 🙂 Please, there would be no point. By the time he’d done the dirty, i would’ve scratched the girls eyes out and well it doesn’t matter how delicious you are…you’re not without eyes. 🙂

Therefore just a quick blog to tell you that all is well and that we’re more in love than we have ever ever been in. Even at dinner today, he looked at me with a pounding heart telling me he couldn’t believe how lucky he felt to be with me, how beautiful i was and how much he not only loved me, but felt that his life had completely changed. I adore him. i lveo him with every cell of my being. I shout it from rooftops and because i know he is my ‘forever,’ my ‘fairytale’ the man i had always dreamt of.

After giggles and looking through FB comments, we travelled home for a big moment of *naughty naughty* passion in the bedroom and boy was it hot. I felt really in love with him and therefore really into him. It was a dirty but champion performance..a treat of a show for my bit of ‘hubba-hubba.’ I adore a naked romp with him and well this evening’s was certainly slutty. I liiike!

Now he’s on ‘boy’s night’ as i wait for the arrival of my gorgeous Baby Ruby. Rubes apparently had a baby nose bleed at nursery today? I don’t think she’s a fan of being at nursery much any more, even though it’s good for her. They call me everyday with a ‘Hi, sorry to call but Ruby has…’ Aww… i can’t wait to see her.

Life is wonderful right now. Keiran can’t believe the things that life is blessing me with right now, which i find bizarre. He also can’t believe my upbringing…but at the end of the day, even though we’ve both come from very different walks of life…we’re completely and utterly the same and i’m gonna make our mark on this world…it all starts with the book. *Excited face.* Therefore you better buy it or i’ll be well narked off. Everything in life happens for a reason…

 He’s just sent me this text:

‘Fuck me…i love you 🙂 xx/ Today has been mental for me…it’s CRAZY, i’ve got an amazing wife to be, a beautiful daughter with future kids to come, and an amazingly bright future. It’s foooking mental. xxxx’

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  1. AWWW I cannot wait to see baby Chrissy/Keiran babies…they will be so adorable…you already have made one beautiful baby! Yay for a simple affair with a car…big smiles
    By the way cannot wait for your book! Your beautiful!


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