Keeping it ‘Warrior.’

What aĀ beautiful day to be alive! I’ve snapped out of my funk and i’m heading through life armed with a strong bit of mind, an army ‘wink’ of an eye, a sexy bundle of wiggle (Ruby wiggled at me this morning, with a giggle…aww) and with a rather glitzy yet open heart of ‘awww.’ I’m a girl who’s pretty much always known what life is about and what matters in life and although i’m seemingly surrounded by people that I know, people that i don’t know, or even people that i’ll never know, who forget the main principle of being happy, finding love, living love and family…as of yesterday…darlings…this Glamour Puss is all good. I’d lost my self, over the last 6 weeks. I’ve had a lot to plan, i’ve been doing it on my own and at the same time as fiddling work in and mummyhood…with drama…it’s often hard to stay focussed on what’s positive. But i’m a lucky girl…and i’m not stupid enough not to see it. Right now in life, i have everything going for me…and well anytime you have everything going for you…AND the sun decides to pop out for a bit of bikini weather *yeah baby*…you have victory. Life is good right now. I’m happy..and no-one can chip away at the Wunna block today. I’m feeling delicious and super strong, add a dash of ‘ooh laaa’ to that…and simply because you can! *Morning wine here?*
Okay, where was I? Soo Friday, ended up being tremendous. I’d been having a really bad day, infact a really bad week, filled with emotional ups, heartbreaking downs and sexy imbalanced hormones. I’d been poked at, poked back, i’d been teary, shouted at, angry, weak and called every name under the sun. (Some good…some bad. šŸ˜‰ It’s how ‘Chrissie Wunna’ as always worked.) Friday showed up. Late afternoon Friday and I was going to tend to a little Wunna family dinner and i just thought that i’d been soo ‘goody goody’ for soo long, that what i needed was more. Just like that, as the Gods of Party heard me, in comes a Facebook msg, a text exchange and a phone call. Then after a ‘No Chrissie, you’re going out, you’re doing it, you need to glam up and get over.’ Within minutes flat, i found myself showering, tanning, big hair-Ā a- grooming, eyelining, pouting, slipping into a diamante rimmed dress, throwing on some heels (they were a bit too big for me and well i do not advise anyone to wear ‘too big for you’ heels…the walk of life can be hard enough, make sure the shoes that travel you through it.. fit!) Oh and yeah…a beige faux fur was flung on and i tottered with a bottle of wine in my hand to Kelly and Phils (who didn’t let me in aat first due to painting projects šŸ™‚ I was on the doorstep peeking through a letterbox at a fluffy doggie named Ted.Ā lol) I looked like a cast member of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ but with less swagger and less money…however armed with drama and a heart of gold.
Don’t worry, i got let in…and well from that point on, good friends, grooming, chitter chatter, love and ‘party mode’ occurred. I love Kelly and Phil simply because they just great people. The kind of people thatĀ are there for you and simply because there a couple that are always there for each other. They had an initial hard time, where no-one wanted them to be together…but to see them now and how solid they are shows how good their bond is. They respect each other thoroughly and i observed this, whilst sat on their bed…well as kelly walked around naked, straightening her hair and Phil attempted to have serious conversations with me, yet with a little boy ‘perv’ face, each time he spied his naked Kelly out the corner of his eye. (‘Phil, I can’t have a serious conversation with you, when you are perving on Kelly…your face is going funny.’) Wine happened. Then Xscape occured. Good times!
Lots of laughter, fun, dancing, yelling, fighting, crying and drunkardness followed. I mean Xscape is what it is…lol…and the people can be ‘not everyone’s favourite’…but the company you keep is essential and luckily mine (as always) was ACE! Anytime, tears, falling around, drink spilling and big black bouncers are being pulled over to sort problems…you know it’s been exquisite. I’m really close to Kelly now and i love her. She’s a girl that stands by me and a girl who is clever enough to give me great advice.
I woke up the next morning on the her sofa. We all did…and with banging headaches. I mean, like we said, why is it that when you drink at home (and i do) you feel completely fine…however if you go out…you wake up feeling like crap? We ALL slept on the sofa …and it’s THEIR OWN HOME, where they have their own bed!Ā Lol Kelly had one section, i sprawled out on the other…and poor PHIL had to sleep sat up, because the girls had taken up all the space. I can’t at all remember falling asleep, i was that pooped (My party girl days are certainly fading)…but i woke up with a blanket on me and still in my party dress. (Anytime you wake up with a blanket on you, mean you’re around decent people who care. šŸ™‚ )
Breakfast and more chat occured. I was going through a lot emotionally a the time and well i sort of needed to figure it all out, over coffee, sunshine, back garden and the eggs i didn’t eat. (My eatings gone to shit. It began at around March time.) I was having a great time, where i felt safe,happy and adored..but you know when you’re soo hungover, still in your dress, have half your face on, with a too tight bra clinging to you, and you just needĀ a bath, after having everyone glare at you on route to the corner shop, because you did it in a fur and zebra sunglasses, likeĀ  Spice Girl reject. I walked into the store with a ‘Yes, i’m doing the walk of shame…’ (The shop assistant giggled and said ‘at least you’ve made my morning.’) SEE!! People love me being retarded. I make their entire day!
Anyway got home, cleaned myself up, got ignored and welcome my GORGEOUS baby Ruby home who i adore more than anything in this world. We had an amazing night together and have been soooo well bonded with giggles over the last few weeks. She’s come on a lot and i just watch her sleep and see how beautiful she is. Whenever i’m in drama,,,she is my saviour and because their is nothing more innocent and pure as a baby. Your baby girl.
The next day, i spent at Meadowhall with my family. GREAT DAY! The sun was out and i felt really powerful, like i had my Va Voom back and remembered who i was and what i stood for. My family is great at that! We lunched at ChaoBaby…OMG delicious. There’s nothing better to me than fresh, clean, spicy thai food. That is probably the best food i’ve had in ages. Lots of love, banter and giggles. (I had total ‘game’ at Meadowhall. I think because i was happy. However, my Daddy isn’t a fan of any boys near me…especially when he’s eating squid.) I loved the liveĀ blue screen jelly fish tank and champagne cabinet. Any place that does sushi and champagne as a set menu choice (i didn’t opt for that) is champion.
Shopped till i dropped with my Mummy…who i love. We went with ‘fuck it’ lets purchase…and enjoyed every single minute of it…we picked out everything we could and swiped away with delight on our faces and a bond that is unbreakable. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful mum. I can tell her anything and she’ll never judge me, but always give me her honest opinion…i’ve always loved people like that. I look at my mum and know she adores me with every inch of her…and well i also love people that too! šŸ™‚
After shopping…(and GOD wasn’t it boiling yesterday…heeellllo summer) we all went to Oulton Hall for a bit of a gander and event design under chandeliers. We pretty much got it all squared away simply and walked through the upcoming day. The last time i went to Oulton Hall i was quite ‘Hmm..’ about the room., but now i’ve seen it all opened up, it’s actually wonderful and fit for a Queen.
I got home early evening, showered, shook and chillaxed…then the evening was spent with my glitzy little baby who makes attempts at full conversations with me now. Half sense…but wonderful because she is determined to get her point across and if she doesn’t she’s violent. šŸ™‚ I can’t help but love her…even though Mummyhood is not at all easy.
Keiran came back this morning from work, in the early hours. He looks exhausted. But i’m happy today…so i’m just gonna let him rest and do ‘Wunna.’
Tomorrow, i’m meant to be appearing at a restuarant launch…that i got booked on. Rex is meant to be doing it also, but i haven’t text him yet. I’m stepping back into entertainment and i’m doing it with VA VOOM. Wedding, book, show…life is good. (Oh and boys, stop mailing me pictures of your willies. It won’t make me like you…i mean imagine not even sending me a picture of your face with it…lol…Men. GROSS!)
Ps/ I’ve alsoĀ heard on the grapevine that some uneducated people believe that i deliberately make things occur in my life in order to blog. I don’t live to blog. I live to live,Ā  and i blog toĀ document my life, because i want to remember my years on this earth. It’s called a DIARY…and writing a DIARY isn’t too wacky a concept. Infact, i did it so well, it got turned into a book. (Which i will be promoting after August.) I’m just lucky enough to have everyone read mine and read it because it’s my real thoughts that they can relate.Ā For every being that ‘hates’ in it…thousands more areĀ inspired by it and it’s those thousands that matter. Welcome to my journey, that we’reĀ all told is ‘life.’ Celebrate yours! I love you. x

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