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Hopefullly i’ll be able to get through this blog, without my laptop conking out on me, with a distinct lack of *wiggle* and an attitude problem that even I can’t seem to gift wrap in kitty cat joy. Yesterday was a wonderful day of love. Keiran and I are really ‘full steam ahead’ with ‘the bubble’ now. I’ve found my utter soulmate and when you have, all you have left to do is give them a cuddle and enjoy the rest of your lives together. We want to do well…and we will. However, this week and because i can’t believe it’s May, i’m going to let life tango it’s natural flow of ‘ooh laa’ for us. I can’t wait for the wedding and the book launch party. I’m actually adoring my book (which you can buy on pre-order..hint hint.) I want to make my mark on this pretty little world and well i’m in love. When i’m in love…i’m alive and weirdly far more obedient now, than i was in my early days. However saying that, i didn’t really need to be obedient in Hollywood. I just had to be glitzy and because I was applauded by my masses, for being an absolute twat. (I really need to get my book launch party invites out.)

I will tell you that i’ve had NO sleep due to my darling little daughter of ‘ooh laa’…deciding to scream and tantrum through the entire night. Fun. Lol. But whatever, i still managed a brief morning ‘updo’ and eyeline, before tinkering her to nursery with my ‘handsome-handsome’ hubby to be. I’m really wanting to get stuck into wedding planning now, which may seem normal to you. But know that i have had the opportunity to get properly into planning a wedding a couple times before, but i wasn’t ever bothered. I found it a hassle. I remember Jason Wood, a giant Hollywood casting director and friend, who attended my first ‘i do’ shindig. He looked at me, told me off for having confetti on my McClintock dress, took my champagne off me and told me that i was the worst bride ever because my soul didn’t seem that excited. This time and because it’s RIGHT, i secretly can’t WAIT. That’s how i know Keiran’s my forever. We lunched in the sun yesterday, cuddled and giggled at life. He took mongey photos of me, whilst i adorned his cap, with my diamantes, i treated him to a jolly good blow job 🙂 and then decided to fold the clean washing up, with a red wine. (Note: Watching ‘Real Housewives’ with a wine, makes folding washing so much easier. ‘Real Housewives’ is my favourite show.)

Today it’s raining, so i guess it’s another chill day. I seem to have everyone running around trying to make ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ a huge success. I apparently get my personal copy tomorrow. I want it NOW! I’m keeping a smile on my face, keeping life simple and staying gloriously positive. Yet i am feeling old. I mean, i’ve crossed that line from ‘little foolish girl’ to ‘oldie.’ On the inside it feels good. Nothing feels sexier than the feeling of being ‘wiser now.’ I’m all ‘hot mama-rah-rah’ now and well it’s sooo yummy, that no other kitten with a touch of ‘le bitter’ can even get near my ‘ooh laa.’ HOWEVER…i can’t fit into my booty shorts and now never have time to do my hair, due to work, work work and mummy land.  (What kind of a Glamour Puss AM I!!!) The external part of me is all a wish-wash. Yet saying that, i don’t think i look too bad as a bunny. 😉 I intend to commit to the transition from girl to woman, with a deliciously sexy, and pretty classy (and maybe a bit hoochie 😉 ) glow. Which reminds me, i got the most lovely tweet the other evening from a beautiful blond girl in Cardiff. A Glamour puss at heart and a blond, who usually only loves blonds. However, she Tweeted me a bit of love, stating that she thought i was a beauty, ‘classy’ and ‘glamourous’ and couldn’t wait for my book. I find her delightful. What a lovely little kitten, ! I love her. I mean, when i hear of girls bad mouthing me when they don’t really know me, (and it happens all the time *yawn*) it makes me laugh, because it shows you how they actually feel on the inside. However, this girl radiates love, confidence and the kinda girl that i will always have time for. Be beautiful on the inside because that’s the only thing that makes your bronzer glow. 😉 Champagne works too. 🙂 Be inspired by those who do well in life, instead of using them, or hating on them for no real reason but ‘ugh.’ It’s ugly and makes your outfit, look far less delicious.

The Tweet:


I’m super excited about life, but I don’t actually have too much to report, so i won’t bore you, with pointless jibber jabber. Oh but, the above bit of ‘picture taking’ was taken by photographer extra-ordinaire ‘Nathan D’Amour’…GREAT moment capturer, truely creative genius. The shoot venue was ‘Bed’ nightclub Leeds and that booth, is an actual VIP bed booth, where you, the lovely public, will be able to drink, party, play and lay around with me, on May 26th…with cocktails! Yay!

I love you, life is good.

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