Karma is ACE

Yo DJ pump this party!! Not sure what thats about, but i will tell you, that i’ve just risen from my luxurious chambers to someone explaining that ‘Karmas a biatch.’ I’m big on karma, and how it bites you ‘ooh laa’ bad, if you mess up quite greatly. We were comparing stories on how karma had treated us, and how some people that we know who have done lots of ‘evil’ things have been smacked in the face with the ‘what goes around comes around’ theory. I like to think i’m an ‘in the closet’ kind of pretty decent person. I do ‘good’ at the most unexpected times, or at moments when no other person can find the will to be a ‘do gooder.’ Don’t get me wrong, i’ve done lots of bad, yet i’ve served my time…as what i got in return was repeatedly pretty awful!! (..and had names like Bram, Jordan, Corey, and Josh.)The bad karma hurdles in heels is the worst thing ever…it’s much simpler for me to just be a decent person. Yet for some reason i enjoy cleverly disguising it under a whole lot of trash!! Which is quite disgusting, as anyone who hides under trash…needs medical attention.

Anyway, my coffee is brewed, my nail has broken, there’s no tunes for me on my ipod, and well i believe the suns come out to play! So today, for those of you who are shunning the church for the Sunday morning paper and catch up morning TV…(like all respectable people should be doing,) try and make it you’re good Karma day. As i will be trying to be the ‘goodest’ person i can be (ugh) ALL day. Anyway godda go, my darling mignon has just brought me my breakfast grapefruit! Kisses

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  1. i dont belive in all the karma mumbo jumbo i try to be good but the toon and england still do shit so karma must be aload of bollox. how funny are them names u just said proper cheesy sceptic names like chad bucanousky. the weather aint to shabby babe. i think i am gonna do a roast and cotch on me coutch watching the charity shield your team man u v pompey. have a good day at church chrissie or whatever u get up to treacle take care babe tadaq scratch


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