Just my luck


Worked really hard today AND managed to buy toilet roll alongside the hard work. It doesn’t really need to be bum cloths, but you know that ONE thing that you overly remind yourself to get. That ONE thing that you really NEED and you only go to the store to buy. That ONE THING that you forget to get after accidentally doing a MASSIVE shop. That ONE THING that you forget to get not once, but twice..then one more time again. πŸ™‚ TODAY…I got toilet. 24 delicious thick rolls of it. Mo more wet wipe squats, then an airing of my bum out. I have toilet roll. I remembered. Life is good once more. (I enjoy how I always remember to buy wine, but not the important stuff. I must walk out of stores with EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE. Rusks, sprays, cherries, nappies, hair bobbles, gin…sprouts, fish…magazines…people…everything! But not fricking toilet roll. I forget that EVERY time AND washing up liquid. The bulkiness of toliet roll terrifies me. If it’s too much for me to handle i’ll give it a pass.

The other fun thing…(yes toilet roll buying is thrilling) is that pay and displays fuck me OFF! πŸ™‚ Sorry for the swears! Pared right by one, simply so I didn’t have to walk to far. Park up, smile on my face, get of car, temporarily lock it, go to the Pay and Display box…and it’s OUT OF ORDER!

Walk to the next one…it’s now started to rain. Put 80p in it. Press the ‘get ticket here’ button. The ticket doesn’t come out. Put in another 80p. Same thing happens. You do it twice for good luck don’t you. πŸ™‚

Make the guy behind me do it also…FOOL. πŸ™‚ (My shirt was a bit undone so he went with it, after watching me fail twice.) It ate his money too. If going down, always take a passenger. It’s lonely at rock bottom.

Walk to the next machine, now with no change that I’m scrambling to the bottom of my handbag in a panic, as a line forms behind me. All moaney faces. It’s raining heavily now. It works. But I had to put in a Β£2. Obviously the machine doesn’t give change. Life is great! πŸ™‚

Did a lunch meeting, did everything I could. Discussed work. Waited for news. Still no news. Pondered life. Got excited about Christmas. (82 days.) Had a chuckle with my closies. Dreamed of living in a giantly ridiculous mansion. Then realized that Baby Junior needed one of those sitty down floor seats, that keeps him upright. He hates having to be picked up, laid down for put at a bouncy slant. He’s a baby that’s ready for the next step and wants it more than anything. He’s already trying to stand up. Fails. But tries! That’s my boy! HE NEEDS THIS CHAIR for his own dignity.

Thought it would be simple. Thought i’d just pop in somewhere and grab one. Who cares about the price. Junior needs to sit. I’m getting one. FOUR DIFFERENT STORES LATER and because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM Β had completely SOLD OUT of EVERY SINGLE DIFFERENT BRAND on sit up chair that they provide in their stores. Every single one of them sold out. All brands. All four stores. Β So there must currently be shit loads of babies who need to sit up because I can’t for the life of me purchase seating for my loin fruit. Baby 2.

So, of course, I do what any glamour puss would do and have a very public Twitter moan. 19 minutes later..I have one on its way to me, to be delivered before 1pm tomorrow with freebies. πŸ˜‰ HURRAH! I couldn’t wait until Saturday. I just couldn’t. I wanted it now! He’s been waiting for this chair for ages.

I was going to begin the whole ‘Let Junior Sit’ campaign. But well..it would’ve only lasted 18 minutes. By the 19th…we had a victory.

Although tricky. Life is good. I feel great. I’m sexy. The supermarket cashier lady told me I was a MILF. Anytime you get called a MILF with toilet bleach in your hand, you KNOW you’re fit. πŸ™‚

Just got home. Slipping out of my pinstripes. Waiting for news. Getting into comfies and about to pick up the babies.


Ooh just turned the heat on and it feels delightful. I love the warm. Reminds me of earlier in the year, when our broke. We couldn’t stand it one nit and couldn’t bare the idea of blankets and ‘not working properly’ fan heaters, that I booked 5 hotel nights. We did five hotel nights in a row. It was great, but funny because in the end, no matter how bouji, you still kinda feel like a homeless person, don’t you? Everyone needs a home, a foundation, some kind of stability in both love, life and family.

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