Just like a first date….

The difference between a good boyfriend and a GREAT boyfriend is simply the right dress. You wear the right attire and you’re ‘Handsome’ will swoon for you like no other Prince of Charming could ever swoon. Last night, was my ‘right dress’ night and WOWsers, did i have the most romantic night EVER!! (I’d say well done me. Yet i’m getting far too good at this girlfriend marlarky, that i’m even sick of patting myself on the back. (‘Would you like a side of ego with that sir?’)

Okay, so i yesterday evening i was mulling around feeling sorry for my pretty self, tending to being grumbly and wondering why my hair smelt like Buddhist monks. Don’t get me wrong, i AM happy. However, like i said, the day time of Monday, August 23rd, was rather beige and due to me being unable to tend to my pamering. I’m a serious Glamour Puss. When i don’t fit my pamper in…i fall to pieces like a yester-years rag doll. (I currently have a friend rudely ‘over shoulder’ reading as i’m writing. She believes i’m writing about Pampers…yes…as in the pooey nappy type. It says PAMPER!!! You…(d’ya know what, instead of getting frustrated, i’ll just throw glitter upon her ‘being.’ Which is code for have her killed. )

So anyway, i looked in the mirror, all upside down smile and thought, yeah, i might be all preggo and bumpy, but i’m a Wunna, i can turn this into MAGIC! *Sips her tea, pulls up panties.* Not only did i want to go for a bit of kitten like magic, but i dumped the Wunan past and rather tired look of whorey and went for the hanger that oozed sophistication. I know!!! Well done me…again!

I winked, i pouted, i hair tossed and posed. I blushered and bronzed. I eyelashed and powdered. (God i love the process of the ‘Doll up.’) I then reached for a cream satin pencil, representing the Audrey Hepburn look, that was layered with cream lace. Then after tending to a 7 minute ‘up do.’ I am AMAZING at ‘up do’s.’ Yet really rubbish at doing my hair, when it’s to be left it down. I sprayed it, i pinned it, then gently eased in a fake lilly. Heeled up (they were actually Marks & Spencers wedges…i’m preggo, i need them. However it does humour me that i am slowly side stepping my way into ‘Mum to be’ footwear!) Then realized my top half could actualyl fit into my dress, without feeling like i was going to explode. (By boobs aren’t sue to being hidden and strapped down. They’re quite bitchy. They want all the limelight they can get!) So ihad to pulled myself out of my dress, solid bra up, then try and squeeze my way back into the god damn thing, looking far less Hepburn and waaay more Wunna…only to finally finish, glimpse at myself in the mirro and actually be amazed. I looked beautiful. Like some glorious oriental Princess of Burma. I couldn’t even believe it. I looked classy. I looked elegant and the thing is…i felt sooo much better than i do when i dress slaggy. Random much!

I was overwhemed wby my inner Goddess, so i added cream, diamond earrings and a hot pink, rose clutch..to give it that Wunna *umph.* My ‘Handsome’ pulled up outside, to do our usual night time meet up and you should’ve seen his face…he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was like the first time we had met. He didn’t even recognize me! I totally did my own ‘Snog, Marry or Avoid!’

I gracefully sauntered up (it’s bizarre how what you wear, sort of controls how you act,) and i slipped into his car! He was like besotted with the way i had delivered myself to him…a smile from ear t ear…his heart beating throughhis chest. It was like somthing out of a Disney movie. Love hearts filled his eyes. I gave him his knife (rememebr theone that my mum bought me and a book) then he drove me back to his to show me off to his family, yet more because he wanted to get changed.) That’s how vain my delicious boy of ‘lover’ is. He won’t let me out do him in the *strut* department…and i like that!

The whoel drive there, he just kept telling me beautiful i looked and how he couldn’t even believe his eyes. the difference was that he said it from his heart and not just because i wanted to hear it. Makes a big difference. he could barely contain himself.

We got back to his, and ran into his house. (By this time i had completely fooled myself into believing that i WAS the Queen of some magical asian country.) Then as i was greeted by almost every charming Wattis family member…(they are the most lovely & agreeable future family any floozey could ever wish for,) again told i was gorgeous, then as i waved offPetes’ niece and nephew..who were venturing back to thier mother’s house…Loverboy tending to the part of the night where he tries to impress me. This is why i love boys. When you look divine, it is in their merry nature to go weak at the knees and begin trying to impress you, with their ever so manly skills.

I sat on a kitchen stool like i was the Queen of all the land and my darling lovely ‘handsome,’ almost like a Jack the lad, some kind of court jester, attempting to woo me, performed his manly ‘look what i can do for you,’ lovable act of glory! (He is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my LIFE!!! I’m in love!!)

Okay without going into it all way too thoroughly ( haha i was THAT impressed) all i’ll say is i gave the man the ‘sharpest knife in the world’ and well he won my glamour puss heart by cutting the thinnest slices of bread physically imaginable, toasting them and feeding them to me. The then went on to try and cut everything..but all that part of his act went wrong. LMAO. It wasn’t what he was doing that i was impressed with, it was the fact that he was sooo adorbale whilst he tending to his madness.

I swear on my life…my dress actually brought a REAL LIFE skip to his step. I saw him ‘walk -skip,’ a beat! he was so proud to have me on his arm and soo prous to parade me around others like the cat that got the cream! I love him feeling that way…like he has everything in the world. All that they write in fairytales and love stories is true. I’ve seen it happen with my very own slanted and ‘over done smokey’ eyes. It takes a long time to find your Prince, therefore making people no longer believe in the fairytale. BUT then you are handed it, by dear Cupid himself and you WILL be handed it…then your world is never the same again. I am soo deeply inlove with this boy that i cannot ever imagine him being absent from my life. The love that we have is so innocent and pure. It take sme back to my childhood…y’know how love should be. I never thought i would feel this way…and get this…i was sober!

Anyway long love story short, Loverboy was so filled with joy that he decided we should celebrate our union with cockatils…well mocktails in my case and dinner. he got chnaged, looked delicious, drove me to Leeds and we enjoyed an evening on a leather cocktail bar sofa (‘Henry’s’ to be exact) and talked about how much we meant to one another and th epower of ‘up do’s.’

We snuggled, we laughed, he was actually treating me really different and like i was a real life Princess. For the last 12 weeks and due to my sudden pregancy, i hadn’t really glammd up as much as i had wished for, i’d kind of ‘let go.’ (it’s the mornign sickness…it will try and kill your inner Goddess.) but like Chrissie Wunna, i got back in them heels and shimmied way way to victory.

We were so close last night, to the point where it felt like our souls were one. Then he bit my arm because he claimed i was so delicious he could eat me. I had a virgin mojito..he had ONE drink and seemed sooo drunky from it! Hahaha…I do love Pete for that! I think his emotions had just got the better of him. he is 9and i’ll keep saying) the CUTEST thing you will ever lay eyes on.

Then we *hand in hand* ventured to Akbars for a before midnight feast. We walked in  the brisk, cold Leeds air, under a full moon, upon a cobbled stoned street. For some reason Pete was desperate for a kebab…eve so romantic..a Yorkshire man through and through. So we shared a GIANT garlic naan tree and dipped our pieces of ‘yum yum’ in pickle trays and deliciousness, as we giggled and laughed at each other innocently. It was liek we were on our first date. Y’know when you have that sort of fluttery tummy and smile that can’t help but shine through your eyes.

The last time we were at Akbars, we were sat at the table next to us. I was dressed a lot more glamour puss floozey, and we were actually talking about starting a family…funny how things happen. Whatever you wish for will come true. Depends on how much you want it to! Yeah..we’ve done things a bit quickly, yet both of us believe that’s how love works. What i’ve noticed  is that it has never been complicated bewteen Pete and I AT ALL. When you have to ‘try at’ love ir force it, with someone for so long…then it isn’t the real thing. I’ve had to do that many a time. True love is a natural, easy process. The easiest thing you will ever do! When it is a struggle, then it is one sided. When it is one sided, that person is NOT (not matter how much you want them to be) you’re one! (Which reminds me…Jonny missed called me at 3.07pm yesterday afternoon.)

Loverboy and i had the most beautiful night. It was perfect, like an eskimo kiss. He dropped me off just after midnight. (I’m like a fashionably late Cinderella.) He was almost droppingto sleep…a night of big emotion for him. He says he loves me because i show him and tell him how much he means to me all the time and when i say it, it is full on and without fear. I mean, i’ll straight up pour my soul out. I feel how i feel and i have zero problems expressing that emotion. (‘ I love you with all my heart, you are everything to me Pete!’)

He told me he loved on our first date, after i had puked by a skip outside my mother’s home. He used to love me when he was eleven. We’re like the cutest little dumpties any world could find!

I steadied myself back into the house. I can never see in the dark. I walk into wheel barrows and everything and as i slipped out of my Hepburn dress, and shuffled into my pink, fluffy Pj’s, i looked out of my windon and smiled. I actaually kept my hair in, simply so i could feel like a Princess forever. Unfortunately when i wok eupt his morning, it looked a lot less desirable. Less Hepburn, more whore house.

At 12.49 am, he sent me a text…like he did on our first date, reading ‘Thankyou 4 ur lovely company and a great night darling. Sleep tight. I love you. x’

Everythings coming together, my career, my love life, my family, my world. I LOVE 2010. Soo much better than my sequinned, gutter puking 2009! I’m finally growing up and for the first time, it actually feels wonderful. You will find your ‘happy ending,’ you just need to believe you will.

I love you.

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