Just cos I feel Preachy…


Morning, my gorgeous little plonks of love festival!

In life, there are going to be times when you’re given some kind of adventure to play with, an opportunity to try and seize, a free ball to have a kick around with, when there’s no one in ‘goals.’

And in life…it’s important to know FIRSTLY that those opportunities don’t just happen…Those moments when you’ve watched someone else’s life and it looks waay better than yours…we’ve all been there…we all do it at times and it’s nutty, yet can’t be helped. I get it.

KNOW that that person wasn’t ‘just lucky’ and that they initially did something moderately productive in order to to make that opportunity a *knock, knock, knock* at their door..and with bells on!

Work hard for what you want, but when you have the opportunity to give life a go, seize the day, be a chancer and take another step forward….it is super doooooper important that you saddle up, take a risk and gallop onward with it, as fast as you can and hopefully into the sunset!

There’s life and there’s the big picture…and when it comes to fun and money making..(.as it’s love and family that matter) then you’ve got nothing to lose…nothing to stress out about, nothing to panic about…and just the energy to enjoy it, make the most of it and hope for the best with your fingers crossed. Win or lose. Just try.

I mean, GOD….People take far too many things seriously. So seriously that they make themselves sick with worry, anxiety..stress..i mean for fucks sake, i get a rash! A face rash! It’s sexy. The sexiest thing on the planet.

I guess, what i’m trying to say is that nothing is worse than knowing that you could’ve had something great happen to you and it was right there at your grasp and you let it go because you didn’t try hard enough, got terrified or couldn’t be arsed. That feeling is AWFUL later in life. I’ve been there LOTS. (Yipppeee! 🙂 Regret for everyone! ) Don’t be that person.

I’m trying my absolute  hardest to not sound all ‘high horsey’. But whatever….it’s the only way I can feel mighty right now, as i’m contemplating drinking this random ‘Cobra’ beer that i’ve found and if you know me well, you will know how devastated I feel over this issue. 🙂

Give things a go. A proper go. Whether it be love, work, fun..whatever. Do it. You usually have a couple shots at getting something right…so you might as well buckle up, adjust ya bra and see what happens.

Stress about nothing. Be a decent person. Feel inspired. Live life. Love. Laugh. Surround yourself around great people. Kick away dickheads. They’re for those doing life with ‘L’ plates..and DO NOT WORRY about shit that doesn’t really matter. Concentrate on you, but cheerlead others on. Feel loved. Give love. Hope for the best. Stay POSITIVE…even when everything is shitty.

Preach over.


Wunna x




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