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Well we did it!!! Keiran and I married on August 12th 2012, at the beautiful Oulton Hall, in Leeds, and had the most magical day EVER!!! I haven’t blogged in a week and simple because the fluttery joys of married life, that we call our ‘fairytale’ has got the better of us. I mean, if you can’t enjoy your first week in as ‘husband & wifey’ than you ceratinly won’t be able to enjoy the lifetime that comes after it. I am literally OVER THE MOON and to be honest, i always knew we were as close as can be, however since being married, we have been nothing but ‘even more perfect.’ Our relationship and the level of love we tango on, has rocketted up to Cloud 9 and then some, with a glittery spray of blissful giggles. I never thought we could even be any better and well i have never loved Keiran more than i love him right now. It has been the best thing we have EVER done and well like Keiran tweeted the other day, ‘if i could do my wedding all over again i love, i love @chrissiewunna with every little bit of me.’ AWWW… He’s always been a good boyfriend, an even better fiance, yet my lovely bit of ‘handsome’ is an EVEN BETTER husband. I have this fairytale man of Wunna perfection, who’s there for me with his heart, six pack, boner, love and doughie eyes and we’re finally officially doing forever. #eek. I wish i could tell you all about the day, because it was astoundingly beautiful and the perfect place for us to dedicate our lives together. Everyone we cared about surrounded us and were there to witness our union being blessed. The room was filled with love for us and that made it all the better. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Except we want to do it over and over again, to relive each breath of it. It was an exciting day, a happy day, a day filled with magic and that moment when the white flowy drapes parted and i peeked through the curtain to do my steady isle walk up to the man of my dreams, with my Daddy on my arm, the beautiful Kelly away infront of me and excitement in my eyes,  only to get to the top, see him..my gorgeous little Keiran, who then broke down into tears of utter love…

From that point on, he had won over every female and infact male heart in the entire room….and earned his title as heart throb.(He’s actually made every girl i know threaten their boyfriend with an ‘If you don’t cry like that when we get married, i’m not doing it!!!’ 🙂 )  The ceremony was a dream, there were crowd tears everywhere,  camera women crying and Keiran weeping all the way through it and well it apparently not only moved everyone, but shocked everyone. I think they had a weird moment of ‘omg they actually love each other.’ Lol. It’s almost like it’s unbelievable that we have utter cryey feelings for one another. Hah.

The vows came. Keiran weeped through those too. I had a baby sized princess weep through the final part of mine and then before you know it, half an hour had passed, we were sat at the table signing the registry and BOOM…we were not only married, but when we did actually look up, we were greeted by what we call ‘Guest paparazzi.’ It was just a flash of constant camera lights and smiles and well we looked at each other, with beaming wholehearted smiles and simply whispered, ‘WE DID IT.’

The rest is secret and will come out in bits of bobs of my blog, as i go along in flashback form. It was such a whirlwind of a day and mainly wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who came. Like Keiran said in his speech, we only invited those close to us, who had supported our relationship from the beginning, and you all warmly have. Infact you were all perfect. We felt very lucky and very honoured. I had the most gorgeous bridesmaid Kelly, who looked like a Greek Goddess…even though she believed she looked like a condom and to have both Kelly and Phil there, (who pretty much held our relationship together during the weeks before) at our top table meant the world to us. We owe them alot. Then there were our families. I mean, we were do lucky to have our entire families there celebrating our marriage with us over candlelabra light, perfect pink lillies and champagne. Old friends, new friends, and booze wrapped in white draping filled the air from that point on. The wedding seemed to last for ages! YET, at the same time it flew by for Keiran and I!

The rest you’ll see anyhow, as it all managed to get filmed for your telly box, and well we can’t wait to see it!! Ruby loved the day. Our bridal suite was delicious, all giant and four poster bedded, like we were Kings and Queens of the world. (We didn’t even check out until 6pm 🙂 and they didn’t care. I will tell you more about why in another blog. FUN TIMES, with Emma and Goodhall.


But yeah..i’ll leave you with a few piccies from our guests for you to gander at! Perfect day. Keiran and I are currently gushing with utter happiness and can’t believe we’re actually married. It’s perfect! I feel amazing! Home life is wonderful, our love life is wonderful, the finances are a blooming and work is coming our way. We have a yummy baby Ruby and we can’t thank my mum and dad enough for throwing us such a wonderful wedding in just 2 months flat! Wowsers! (I’ll be blogging all the people we used in a further blog, incase you’re getting married and need a little help.)


Love you all! Thank you for following our lives! We’re still enjoying our time with one another, wallowing in a fairtyale of married life….(we’ve actually learnt to love and respect each other more and it had certainly given us that grounding security that we both needed. We have our foundation now and can’t wait to move forward in our joyous quest to..yeah…take over the world.


I’ll check in later, as Keiran’s getting narky about me being on my laptop, pining for some attention and some sweet wifey loving. He even resorted to doing a naked, raw egg, shot in order to grab my attention. When a man does that…you just have to ‘sign out’ and get to winking.

Have a wonderful day. Keep life sexy.

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