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Hope you’re quite frankly having the most delicious Sunday ever! I don’t actually have too much to report, other than the usual…family, life, love and shopping. Today has been dedicated to the magnificent art of ‘le chill.’ I woke up to the beautiful eyes of my gorgeous little girl this morning, who smiled at me, after a long night of open mouthed sleeping and kissed the tip of my nose. We then had a pyjama morning, where Rubes, Keiran and I all bundle into one bed and relax for hours, until we can be bothered to get on with our day. But that’s what Sunday’s are about. It was sort of reminiscent, as it’s exactly what my own Mum used to do. Each Sunday we’d all bundle into or onto her bed in our comfies and chill. My mum used to love it, as she never got to do that as a child. Keiran’s quite like that, as everything he never had as a child he wants to give his family and his own children. I had everything as a child, so I just want to keep the tradition going, yet take it to the next level. Sometimes I feel under pressure to ‘take things to the next level.’

Last night was ‘cuddle’ night. Rubes and I shopped, as Keiran tended to cricket playing. He won ‘best fielder’ again. He enjoys to win things, so of course, he hero’ed the moment like the ego he is. It’s actually a trait I like about him because I enjoy a man that wins everything…and I don’t mind an ego. I sure as hell have one. Our ego’s like each other and play along nicely these days. They used to spit on each other for power last year, but in the end they calmed down made room for the other and snuggled up. I LOVED laying on Keiran’s chest last night, watching Nicolas Cage movies that stirred love and romance. It reminded us of what was important and it’s always those moments that count. He enjoyed having me on his chest as when he’s at peace  he always falls asleep. The snuggle usually begins with him slapping my bum and why not, I had frilly orange and white see-thru pants on and a tight boobie top…whilst preggo. 🙂 Then it turned into watch a love movie which reminded us of our love. Then it turned into us telling each other how much we loved each other and how we are meant to me and then just like that, as we both hit  level ‘comfort,’ he’s open mouthed snoring with me snuggled in his arms and I’m napping like a bundle in a blanket like the world could wait a moment for us to get done.

I shocked myself up, watched him snore, then tucked him in. He always denies falling asleep when he falls asleep and acts like a little 5 year old. I talk like a little 5 year old or tantrum. This time he didn’t deny taking a sofa nap with me, he in fact said he thoroughly enjoyed it because he felt comforted. I love that. It makes me feel good when I can make him feel ‘safe,’ or warm…or just loved. You’re meant to bring the best out in your partner…your husband, you’re wife. When you do…they always remember you for it. When you make them a better person, the person that they always wanted to be…then you’re always, deep down… their number 1…

I shopped yesterday in Doncaster, enjoyed it but knackered myself out. I think i’m Superwoman…but pregnant…when i’m really i’m just a floozy with an almost 9 month ready to bloom bump. *Waddle-Waddle.* I had a great day with my family, especially Rubes (we’re really close right now) and well I’ll tells ya, I felt pretty sexy. My hair was diddled, my lips were a pink and pouty, my eyes were smokey and divine…I loved myself a little bit too much. Then I had to play the ‘find everyone’ game. The game when you lose the people that you ventured to a palce with and waste a moment of your time aimlessly searching for them because they are not where they stated they would be. I don’t have the patience when i’m not a preggo-honbtas, for such a game, let alone yesterday. There I was waddling around..sexily…stood by a Peppa Pig rocket, with a melting mango sorbet in my hand, like an idiot.

I found everyone in the end..at Waterstones. Ruby loves it there in the kids section. She thinks it’s her room and gets everything out and off the shelves. Unfortunately for us, yesterday was the day that a 20-something, ugly, long greasy haired, drug taking, in a dirty tracksuit, stank of hideous amounts of booze guy was loitering around the childrens corner and glaring at people’s children, whilst smiling and holding a ‘Where’s Wally’ book, that he occasionally pretended to look through whenever staff passed by. HE STANK and well he was devastatingly creepy. He made all the children actually feel uncomfortable…even Rubes ran back to me with a sheepish look on her face and sat on my knee with an odd look on her face, after calling him a ‘naughty man.’ Lol. Rubes is ace, because when she’s at her happiest she’s so confident that she doesn’t care what she does, she commands her audience. EG/ Stand in a moving supermarket trolley, that she is being pushed in, singing pop songs at the top of her voice, telling people to clap. Or waving at people like they are her fans. OR even (like yesterday) saw a lady pulling a grumpy face, which was her normal face on a bench and as she was being pushed passed her, she screwed her own face up so it looked liked hers and did it right back at her. JESUS!

Now, I don’t know what happened to that weird guy. But he either was a boy lost in a lot of pain.with baggage, a drinking problem and no bath tub. A pedophile…or a drunkard, who for some reason found himself loitering around children’s areas, with a ‘Where’s Wally’ book, glaring at little boys. It was mainly little boys because I was watching him and scowling. After 15 minutes…security and staff approached and plucked him out of the Waterstones corners, with a heave-ho and sent him back to wherever he came from. Now, I don’t really think that he was a child molester…because he lacked panache for such a crime. He was far too obvious,  drunk and smelly and always thought child molesters were far more clever in the sense of,like serial killers come across as normal, warm spirited and loving. Y’know, the good guy, even though they are disgusting creatures who pollute our land of glory. If he is…then he’s a dick. If he wasn’t then I feel bad for him for being so broken or drunk that he ended up with a ‘Where’s Wally’ book in his hand in a kids area on a Saturday afternoon. But if you’re gonna rock up like that, then you deserve to get arrested. There’s no excuse, i’ve been drunk before, never THAT drunk and that’s saying something…but i’ve never glared at little boys behind  a Where’s Wally’ book…in a fucking tracksuit. EWWW!

Maybe he was so drunk he forgot that he had to hide his sinning and like the overly drunk man in the bar just went for it. Either way…glad they got rid of him. I used to like oddballs…but now i’m a mum, i’m more ‘GET THEM AWAY FROM MY CHILD.’ 🙂 Motherhood changes everything because you actually care about others and yourself a great deal more. You’re not just responsible for you.

Whilst Keiran was in the shower yesterday a having a wee chat with me, as he washed his chest and I perved and pouted with a smile, he said, ‘I love you. Y’know it’s actually taken another baby to make you domesticated and I like it.’

It’s so true. But I don’t mess around. I’m not shit at everything. I’m someone who wants to be good at most things i do or take on. I’ll  all…motherhood, wifeydom, money making, career, entertainment, lifestyle, glamour and boujiness..and i’ll do it with swagger.

I’m ready to have this baby,we both are and well…Keiran and I have both changed and both grown up so much. Different things make us happy now and  having an amazing family…creating one…is so gratifying it makes us want to do well. We want success, love, millions, and all for our new family.

Life is great right now..and in 2 weeks and a bit…I welcome my little boy. (I wish he’d hurry up though.)

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