Joy, Work and Willies named ‘Madge.’


Woke up to what i honestly believed was ‘booty short’ weather. But it’s not at all is it? Instead, i’m fluttered with the gentle drizzle of rain in Yorkshire and yeah it makes my hair take a turn for the worst, (i’m certainly a sunshine) girl, yet at the end of the day, a little drizzle makes your ‘staying indoor’ times that bit more cozy. Plus, in Wunna Land, it’s always booty short weather. I mean, if i want to prance around the home tunble drying in big hair, over eyelashed and wearing the shorts of ‘le booty,’ I shall…and totally in diamantes. (I’ve just got done watching ‘Peter Andre’s: My Life.’ on the sofa with my lovely lovely Keiran, so i’m oozing with positivity…i’m starting to really enjoy all those that represent a rainbow glow. I don’t know whether it’s because i’m not completely content on the inside, whether i’ve grown up mentally, or whether i’m just mellowing in my old age. Oh and i will tell you that you know you’re old when your pretty pin legs are actually knackered simply from you standing on them. I mean, i’d get it if i had run a fricking marathon…and well that would never happen. I’m a Glamour Puss, running doesn’t happen, even when being chased. I’m more of a saunter with a wine kitten, who’ll send in her winged monkies, the heavies, or army of deliciously Queeny gays to fight my battles.) Life is good right now, due to my career moving upward, my heart being filled with hope, having the most yummy little daughter and the most beautiful man by my side ready to get his ‘I do’s’ on. I’ve always said that all those things are the components to a successful Wunna Land…i’m an ambitious girl, who knows how to hold the things that matter close to me and tunnel away postively from anything that obstructs my happiness. Your dreams come true only when you’re a successful human being. I’m in a good place right now and when you are the only thing to do when you feel this happy is spread it…in heels. Ofcourse! (I’ve just told ‘Handsome Keiran’ that i’d fancy a champagne. He looked at the clock and cheerily scorned me, for it not being champers ‘o clock yet. Anytime the hour of NOON has’s champagne time, in my world. Even if it’s only half a second passed. Life is about celebration and providing you are celebrating in a good clean old fashion, for all the perfectly correct reasons…you’re dandy.) I’ve cuddled all night, so i’m cheery. I’m much better cheery aren’t i? *Wiggle-wink*Helloo booty shorts!

Last night, was a night filled with indian cuisine at Aagrah, Doncaster with ‘The Wunnas.’ We chilled, talked, enjoyed red wine and ‘did family’ over popadoms, whilst my gorgeous Baby Rubes attempted to place lemon rice on spoons, before getting narked off at the killer process and throwing it all on the floor. Luckily, the owners are good friends of ‘The Wunnas,’ if the glitzy fruit of my kitten loins  wants to lemon rice the join, in anger…she may. I can’t actually believe how grown up she is now. Three generations of Wunna girls, sat at that table last night, with my little brother and my daddy. Poor Keiran (who my family regard as their own) couldn’t make it due to work. I ate popadoms and he worked in venues that thought he looked like Olly Murs. I think i want a nice lunch today?

Anyway, i’m all in love, happy and well really getting excited about ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ now. Right, when it comes to work, i’m my own worst enemy. I want to do well and i want to get to those glitzy heights of stardom. I’m all about making my dreams come true…so it got me all excited to have a peeky at my Amazon Pre-order page for my book…(which literally is all about my tragic life) and find that there was only one more left in stock! Yipppeee! The sales, well presale of the book is now completely out of my hands and it’s terrifying. At least when it’s in my own little grubby hands, i can push it, throw it, glitter it and squeeze. But now..and before it’s even release, the balls in the court of my fans. But still i’m dead excited, i mean i never ever thought my little blog, would get to ‘oh it’s a book status.’ I only hoped it would. I’m really really really grateful for all your kitty cat support. You all have great taste in Glamour pusses. the book launch at Bed Leeds, will be my first actual signing. If you want your copy, saunter up to VIP and i’ll be there..with my wink, marker pen and grabbing your money off you. 😉

I must now go tend to hair doing and eyelining. Yet remember that i love you. Remember to have a goal. Never be defeated and never ever give up on anything that you care about, be it love, work, shoes or life.

I’ve decided that Keiran’s willy has a mind of it’s own. I mean, in his sleep last night, it attempted to warmly attach me, without Keiran’s knowledge. One minute i’m in dream land and the next i have ‘willy’ happily nudging my bum bum, like it was needing a bit of a cuddle or a cup of tea? And it wasn’t one of those moments, when a boy spoons you and does the ‘press in.’ His willy..that i might name ‘Margaret’ really did jump off Keiran’s body, mid-sleep and try to get one in without his minders permission. Nothing happened however, due to baby pink knicker lace confusing it. But life is still a marvel! Have a great day! 🙂 I will tell you that last night, after my ‘handsome’ came back from work and tucked into bed beside me…I found him just laying there, staring at me quietly. When i asked him, what he was looking at, from the darkness of our bedroom and snuggled in cream sheets, he simply looked at me some more and said, ‘I was just admiring you and thinking about how much i love you.’ He is literally the man i have been searching for my entire life. Y’know i think of Ruby, him and I and wish to the stars that we make every little dream come true.

Anyhow….If you wish to PRE-order my book online before release, click on the link below and grab yourself that little bit of Wunna. Most of you are in it anyway and well it’s every starlets Bible. 🙂 I kinda want to start planning my wedding.


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