Jeepers Creepers….


Aww! So my pet granny Lilian has darted up to me (well as fast as her little legs could speed) and with tears in her eyes told me that she was heartbroken because a guy that she had been ‘seeing’ had been cheating on her! (This convo went down in the middle of a supermarket shopping isle…by eggs.) As she told me the story, i simply watched her face and smiled and the reason why I smiled was simply because she was so open. I always think if someone can be so open about their feeling, their deepest feelings, then they are actually a lot stronger than they think.

Lilian’s 82 and all she said to me was that she was ‘really down,’ until I had assured her that speaking out by eggs would help. Then she unwrapped and went for it,

‘I’m heartbroken. I mean ‘ve known him for 8 years and since my husband died, i’ve not liked anyone, but him i liked and now after all that i’ve found out that at 87 he’s been seeing another woman, this whole time. I’m so down, i feel anxious and want to be alone. I’ll cry in a minute… watch. How could he do this to me. He’s never been lvong towards me and i’ve always loved him and been here for him. He’s always charmed me and got what HE wanted…and now this!!! I’m spending too much of my pension, simply to make myself feel better. I feel devastated. I can’t even look up, because life is a blur. How could be hurt my heart so badly, when i’m this old. WHAT A KNOB!’

πŸ™‚ I love that she finished on that.

I looked at her and said that I knew how she felt and that she was worht more…blah…blah. But then ‘Wunna’ mode kicked in…like it does and I got angry. I mean, what 87 year old guy, STILL HAD COMMITMENT ISSUES! What 87 year old, STILL isn’t capable of holding a solid relationship. What 87 year old man could hurt an 82 year old granny, who might seem a bit feisty, yet has a tender heart of gold. What 87 year old man, STILL has relationship issues. πŸ™‚ I said all this to her and well she felt much better as I stormed her down each isle with my ‘POWER WALK.’ I get like this. I was pumping her back up to ‘good.’ It was in that moment that I realize that not everyone was as irrepressible as me. Like I said, i’m one to be thrown down and get back up with a wiggle.I might cry, shout, tantrum…but i’ll get back up…and in nipple tassles. I know what life is about and how it should be lived and i know what matters. Before need self worth. I told 82…that when she felt whole…he would come running back…and when he realized what he has lost…you’ll no longer want him because he made you wait so long.

I mean, no-one fishes in a pond that isn’t gonna give them any fish. Then I made sure that she wasn’t letting her ‘lady mind’ wander. As us women get like that also. We always think the worst, don’t we? Often is you offer a guy trust…they do the right thing, as they want to be your hero, they want you to love them. They really rarely hate you and if they do…there mother’s raised them wrong. They love looking after the girl of their desire.

After power walking and talking, i hugged her and drove home with ingredients for an omelette I guess she forgot her worth and well I just needed to remind her. She even smiled and strutted a bit after telling me she felt better after speaking to me. Then she weirdly told me some sex story. Apparently she hadn’t had bonky in ages…decades, but then she met a younger man…he was 77. πŸ™‚ (Don’t know how the hell he managed it?) Anyway, he told her he was gonna tech her some new moves…’the seesaw.’ WTF!?! She ended up dangling off the bed upside and didn’t like it. HAHAHAH. I love my pet granny.

Anyway! Enough! I’m feeling wonderful…and sexy to be honest! Ruby/Mummy day went well. She’s a little down is Ruby still, yet i’ll get my little girl back, I just know it. She’s been through a lot and I know, out of love, that if I hang in there…she’ll come out the other end smiling and whole. She just needs extra love and if i stand by anyone…I STAND TALL FOR HER…and i’m a firecracker, so it’s not worth reckoning with me.

I had a Skype audition yesterday at 3pm. It’s for a show…obviously..and well i’m doing quite a lot of auditions of recent and i’m very grateful that they are letting me Skype them. (Mummy of 2 brigade.) I’m doing really well with this auditioning malarky and because i’m naturally happy with ‘having a go.’ It was a cyber meeting with the executive producers yesterday, so we’ll see what happens. *Wiggle-wink.*

Eyelash line…right now Chase in The States, is writing my business plan for me. It’ll take the whole of this week and maybe even longer due to him having a huge day job to tend to. I’m really lucky to have him on board and well that is all going well! I’m excited! I’m also excited to pitch for my angel investors and start my company with sequin sails! No-one runs their glitter ship better than I! Wahoo! *Wink-Thrust* I’m a great boss, because i’m cheery. You learn to be after having some really SHIT bosses. I love having a beauty brand because it’s a passion. You need to do a job you love. It’s sort of like entertainment. It’s not like work. It’s love.

My life is filled with all things perfect right now. I have a great home life, the children are doing well. I might be a bit ‘off button’ at time because my upcoming surgery is stressing me out a bit. But i have Team Wunna right here to prop me back into check. I’m doing all the right things, i’m proud of myself and i’m working it like a champion.

Nothing is worse than letting yourself down. I’m in a REALLY GOOD PLACE right now and i’m continuing on the up. I’ve finally sealed my worth into place and done it with a middle finger! πŸ™‚ Oh..and a Miss.World wave of course. Don’t let shit get you down. BE A STRONG FEMALE. A HAPPY FEMALE, AND SHOW THIS WORLD WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF. All negativity is simply bouncing off me, now and i find it hilarious. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I have a bright future ahead of me. I’m really grateful and really lucky. I’ve worked hard.

I’m getting a whole load of messages from you all wanting to know if i’m actually being asked out on dates? I’m not sure why you want to know? Probably because I usually always ramble on about my love life and i haven’t in ages. But the answer to that is ‘YES.’ I’ve had new friends, old friends, strangers and acquaintances all ask me out on dates. Right now..i’m doing me and i don’t have time for a new entanglement. I’m feeling quite whole and together. I’m not even thinking that if i let someone in,i’ll just get hurt. I’m thinking, I’m about to be success, have another telly spell and run a beauty line…with my babies…I don’t have time to go on new dates and schedule in new commitments. It would be too much of a distraction from where I want to be. I have enough going on and it’s all really positive. People always forget that underneath 3 layer of fake tan and actual tan…i’m a great deal stronger, when it comes to matters of the heart and life than they think. I’m a great kitten and well once i know it…you’re in danger! πŸ™‚ You can’t keep a good kitty down. But yes, i am flattered. I mean even Latin Lover, of ALL PEOPLE Facebooked me yesterday telling me that he was moving to Sydney and did i have any friends there? How odd? I just ignored him because he obviously still hasn’t found himself. Then he admitted that he was just trying to find a way to talk to me. I mean, watch him…he’ll end up moving to England in a couple years time. I still won’t want to be his. I mean, once i’ve stepped over the mark and closed the door…and I did with him YEARS ago, it’s done. He was sweet via his message though and I appreciate that. I mean, he’s always going on about how he made a mistake and how he wishes he could…but i’m not that fickle with my affection. Grown up Wunna is the hardest pull ever. Now, I have my kiddies. I feel like I pretty much have everything and it takes a lot for anyone to compete with that level of love…or waddle on in with a heart shaped ‘forever.’

So you get the picture….not bothered by any of that, concerned about my surgery…(The people who truly care for me, will be the people that ‘action’ there way to my heart, when it comes to situations like that.)

Life is good!

Love you mucho!

BEAUTY LINE. Thyroid op! EWW! Apparently i’m not going to be able to talk for the first week or so after the surgery. LORD HELP ME! I mean, I won’t even be able to tel the children that I love them…FOR WEEKS! I think i need to start saving voice notes on my phone…some sweet…some bitchy (incase I need to be)…please..thank you…and a laugh. (Incase life gets funny.)




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