I’ve never been a hoarder.

After a  night of tears, watching my daddy paint, and screaming at a mouse (yes…again), i intially woke up feeling somewhat’ Question mark.’ Then i read a few fan emails, looked at my surroundings and realised i’m the luckiest girl in the world!! And i’m gonna work that title like a champ today!!

I’m feeling happy, i’m feeling strong. I’m over-flowing with Va Voomage, and it feels wonderful. I can’t stop smiling. I’m grateful for everything i have. I’m grateful for all i’ve achieved, my rocky road to stardom, just kind of smoothed up and more importantly today i look HOT!! I am SMOKING hot baby hot hot, and not afraid to shout it out…whilst shimmi-ing!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

I’m the Queen of Greatness. I am adored by my subjects and with an air of mischieve, i believe i can say, i’m feeling somewhat, what term should i use?? Um…’Independant.’ YES!! I’ve mentally cut out the crap, and the negative, as i’ve never really been a hoarder anyway. ( and i’m not too fond of hoarders…if you don’t need it anymore CHUCK IT OUT. Old petrol reciept from 1982..CHUCK IT OUT, broken down rickety- arsed chair…CHUCK IT OUT, memories of a past lover…CHUCK IT OUT…dodgey first born child…CHUCK IT …..OUT!!) hahaha

Life is good, and i’m feeling just dandy! I love you all, and really i do. Thankyu so much for all ur support!!  Muaaah!!

6 thoughts on “I’ve never been a hoarder.”

  1. Hi, Princess Christina. Remember me, web monkey’s friend in LA?

    I have stumbled onto your site and am blown away. I love the way you have developed your Lolita/Dominatrix personality in your photos and journal.

    You have become a real Lolita icon in your photos for all us old pervs. They have supplied me with hours of fun (sorry, Princess).

    I always knew you had it in you. Glad to see you are so successful. The barn sequence reminds me of Black Snake Moan but better.

    You are a bedroom eyed vixen (sloe-eyed is the word would use) without par.

  2. Thanks for responding, Princess.

    Maybe you would allow me take you out for a sumptuous dinner when you are back in LA. Being your bitch is always the highest honor.


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