‘It’s Pretty Much Only a Weeky…Peeky.’

Goodness! Okay, so i’m in positive, but frantic wedding mode. There are boxes and roses and sweet stands littering the entire world of Wunna, alongside a strundle of RSVP’s (which i need back pronto) and good, happy…MADNESS.
Keiran and I (along with the help of our the darling Phil & Kelly) have had an AMAZING last two days with each emotionally. The wedding is pretty much only a week away and we’re not only living a diamond dripped fairytale of ‘ooh’..but we’re doing it hand in hand, heart on heart and with a smiles that could even make Cupid’s heart flutter. Things are coming into place and well we’ve realized that the only thing that matters on our wedding day is us, our love, our union and the fact that on August 12th, 2012, we will dedicate our delicious lives to one another…in a big dress and tail coat, letting the world bless our ‘togetherness’ over true love, fate and luckily champagne.
Now, we’ve had a lot of ups and our merry share of downs. But what we have we are tremendously lucky to have. So we’re happy, we’re enjoying every little moment of it and we’re cuddling our way to marital bliss and hopeful success. We’ve learnt a lot about each other, live and love since knowing each other and well we’ve weirdly actually done it and to celebrate our one year anniversary of knowing each other, we’ll be getting married. #Exciting.
I’ve actually got a lot to be doing, because i’m the Queen of the ‘leave it until it’s due’ method, meaning now, i’m tottering around, madly in heels and an updo, throwing together a wedding. Luckily, i have the BEST wedding planner ever @MBMevents  and well because of them…it seems, i don’t actually feel tot stressed anymore. The only thing that stresses me out, are flowers now. FLOWERS are stressful. Don’t do flowers brides…do candles. I mean, i’m used to sauntering around, winking at things and then they’re magical done for me. However, with this i’ve literally put in the leg work. #lordhelpme
Alongside all that, I’vce been trying to co-ordinate it with the filming and as of noon-ish this afternoon, my little ‘Handsome Keiran’ (who is currently being the man of my ultimate dreams, making strong yet decent decisions, loving like a Prince and sexing me up like a stalion,) has been packed off, with one suticase in his hand, to his stag do. So he’ll be gone for a week and well i’ll be sorting out the wedding. Which i kinda find easier when i’m solo. I get more done, as i’m far too distracted by company. Especially handsome company.
The good thing is the last couple days have been wonderful and well i’m starting to look and him and confidentally know that we can ‘pinky’ promise our way to ‘forever.’ I feel lucky. I feel happy and i hope to keep you posted, over the upcoming days, as i sail into ‘wife-hood.’ (Things keep arriving at my home that i’ve apparently ordered ages ago and forgotten about. Oops. I have boxes galore cluttering up my little living room, that i kinda feel like a bouji homeless person…under a chandlier.)
But as always, i must go. I have a bundle load of kitten cat ditty dotting and swiping to tend to.
I love you. I thank you and i hope you’re all doing well.

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