It’s Preachy Wednesday


How’s the day going for you? Have you woken up and survived it?:) Some of you will have…just. Others will have had some really great plans, that have just turned to pot, after laziness got the better of them. Some will have just got on with Wednesday. There will be the bunch that weirdly party through the day  that are currently sat in some dodgy flat, wishing away life, morals and opportunity..usually due to circumstance. There will be ones doing ‘normal’…working the day job, some happy, some sad, some just ‘normal,’ the best way they know how. There will be the ones that planned to achieved something great today and did it. They’ve had a proper ‘DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE’ moment and can’t believe their eyes and then there’s the ones that didn’t plan much, but accidentally GREAT THINGS HAPPENED. They’re the lucky ones. The rest of you, have just be living happily, be you a stay at home mum, unemployed…yet need a job, unemployed yet have enough to wiggle under the title of ‘Lady of Leisure,’ (no man should be a ‘Man of Leisure’ unless they’re retired or financially independant.) Some people have destroyed lives since my last blog, others have given lives. The rest have watched day time telly…with crisps and cups of tea. (Yesterday, I owned a bacon sandwich, with brown sauce and a cuppa. I actually even Tweeted that one of the great things about being ‘Yorkshire’ is the simple fact that no matter what, there is ALWAYS time for a bacon sandwich and a cuppa tea.)

Anyway…blah…everyone keeps asking me what i’m giving up for lent? I’m not religious and if I would be anything, I’d be Buddhist. I’m spiritual. I completely respect the faiths of others. But at the end of the day, to me life is what you make of it, let’s hope we’re all gonna be okay at the end of this trip and let’s hope we all stop making mountains out of molehills…because life is too short. Love is all you have really. You can’t take anything else with you…so the quicker you give up fighting it, the better. This is it. You might get another go at it, but we don’t know that for sure…so yes folks…this is it. It’s all you have. So, bottom line…i’m not one to give up on anything…i’m more one to ‘take stuff on’. 🙂 See! That’s why lent wouldn’t work out for me. (I’m currently devouring a chilli flaked, tomato soup…i’m slurping it like it’s my last supper…That’s about as religious as I get and I hate that, as I loved being a Buddhist. I found it magical and loved moments of meditation. Anything that promotes peace and harmony is good to me. It’s a positive force of energy….like a jolly belly laugh that radiates through the room.

I think I have life down now…because I know what’s going on when things are going wrong. I’m never bewildered by it, due to experience. I’m never like, ‘oh no, i’m lost. What do I do?’ I did that ages ago.If it’s all going wrong, I usually know why and well I know MEN really, really well. Better than they think, which is scary to them. They hate it and try and alter the balance to make it less terrifying for them. I know lots about people and relations, (it’s actually been my job) so even though i sit back and smile, with a ‘i know nothing.’ I’m a bit of bright spark and not just a ‘plonk on my geek glasses and pretend that I know everything.’ The only things I can’t do is sums…which is a bit of a bummer really to say I’m starting a business. 🙂  I’m also shit at geography. I obviously know the big things, yet my sense of direction is simply ‘whack-a-doo.’ Finding my way to places, scares me. That’s what used to terrify me about driving. That’s why I used to be annoyed with taxi driver who didn’t know where places were. IT’S YOUR JOB!

I’ve been spending the day trying to find the correct answer to a minor issue, without having to contact the main source who will basically and quite simply deliver the answer. Yet because it may not be the answer that i want…I don’t want to give them a call yet. 🙂 like to know everything before I ask the right people, who do know everything. Don’t fret, it’s not a serious issue. It’s easy peasy and unimportant. Yet, it’s the little niggly bits in life that get to me and not the big things. The big things are handled with glamour, might or with swords. If they’re good…they’re celebrated.

Away from that, i’m in the ‘fingers crossed’ stage right now, when it comes to the house. It’s a time that means a lot to me, so i’m hoping all goes well. Keep your toes crossed for me and your lucky charms clutched tight in your sweaty palms. I’m excited now and can’t WAIT to get out of here. GIVE ME NEW. Give me SPACE.

Everything from now on, is about concentrating on the positive and not dwelling on the rubbish parts of the past. The weakest people are the folk that can’t see the ‘light’ because they are so foolishly shaded by the darkness, the negative…the pity party. Whenever you hear people moan about the past…or hold onto bits of the past, which aids in them refusing to see the good in you, a situation or life..YOU CAN THEN MEASURE THEIR STRENGTH against yours. You’ll find, they haven’t got as much emotional power as you….no matter how much they pretend they have. (Sorry, I’m watching ‘Jeremy Kyle’ it’s igniting debates. Lol. Some poor lady apparently waved at her biological father when she sighted him, who wanted nothing to do with her, throughout his life…and what did he do? Her dad drove off in a car, as fast as he could before she could get to him? Lol. How odd? I mean I shouldn’t laugh because it’s so awful. Yet I’m sort of so shocked at his behaviour, that it turns comedic and because I could never imagine my little ones EVER trying to wave at me, and  then when they do, I  at the speed of light, leap into my kitty car, and rush off at 100 mph, without a single bit of acknowledgment and only a sprinkle of glitter dust…with a ‘stay away……you’re not mine!!’ HOW BIZARRE. Some people have it really hard and my heart goes out to them. It makes me appreciate the family life i’ve had growing up. Plus, my children are LUCKY. I mean, that lady is about 45 years old. That treatment has bothered her for THAT LONG. How stupid is that guy. Y’see, she’s still a little girl wanting her daddy to love her or at least acknowledge her….even at 45. That will have changed how she’s dealt with love and her relationships all her life. She does need to get help and mend from it though for she’ll never feel whole. I don’t like it when people use things as excuses, because my mum maybe didn’t have the best mother at times…yet she ended up being THE GREATEST MOTHER EVER’ because of it. You should be using your bad times to promote a better you, break a cycle and really succeed.

It’s all of this snoozy.

I hope I get a ‘good news’ phone call tomorrow, as it will really help. In the name of being girly…

…let’s ALL ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeek’ here!

Love you lots,

C x

ps, Thank you for following my life.










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