It’s painful being this confused???

Just got home, and was going to tell you about how GREATNESS it would be, if i actually owned 7 real life dwarves that followed me around, and did my chores, (not that i really have chores, apart from my life ofcourse, as thats one BIG chore.) Anyway, we’ll save that for Dr.Phil….. Each one would be dressed in a manner, that would seem to portray one of my many personalities. However, now i have been given sometime to ponder the idea, over tea and biscuits….I’ve decided that it wouldn’t actually be GREATNESS at all. Infact, it would be incredibly disturbing, scary and somewhat gross. (Dwarves are messy!) Then i figured, for me to actually be thinking that thought during a car journey home, must mean i am either seriously bored, or completely insane, and the fact that i don’t know which one it is, must mean i need booze!!

I want to be back in LA, yet i’m having to wait, ( i despise waiting) then part of me is terrified as i’m thinking, ‘what happens if i go back to LA, and nothings how i had hoped it would be??’ Then i shall be trapped in La La Land again, with the walls crumbling inward… slowly and that’s not really a fun position to be in!! Forgive me, as i have no idea what i’m talking about. I am simply so bored with my life, that my head is filled with the most odd litter of confusion. I’m thinking…. for no reason, and when i ‘think’, i am highly dangerous!! hahaha It is not healthy.

I need to snap out of my case of the blues, and just know that everything will be alright!! It always is!! I need a timeout, a vacation, a smile on my face and oh yeah boys, i totally bought new shoes today!! Hurrah!!! Performing is my passion, and i feel like i haven’t managed to perform at all today. Therefore we have the Chrissie Wunna beautiful, but ‘sad face.’ Seriously, i can’t live without a ‘song and dance’ rountine…hahaha…i can’t! I’m a born entertainer, and when there is no entertaining to be done, i simply go insane and start doing that crap ‘thinking’ thing!!!!

My sincerest apologies for you having to be part of my ‘babbling mind’ today, yet you guys really do help me through it!! (hahahaha) I know, i know, i’ll just take my top off and ‘shut up!!’ lol….