It’s OFFICIALLY Christmas!!!

And Bitches! Dolls! Kittens all over the land. The tree is UP! *Wiggle here*

I’m so happy and completely, if not utterly thoroughly enjoying the month of December 2012. Christmas is officially upon us and well  i’ve always said, if you can’t be happy at Christmas, then when can you be happy, you grumpy old farts! It’s my favourite time of year, symbolising love, warmth, rummy cocktails, giving, families, cheery cheesiness and the jollies. Add dirty red stiletto high heeled elf boots to that, with a happy wiggle…and you have more than enough fun to fill a stocking!

The tree is up, thanks to my lovely hubby of hubbness and well on Dec 1st. (I think it was Saturday? I’d been shopping with Rubes and The Wunnas all day, then out for a spot of lunch. Christmas shopping is fun…for about half an hour. Then when the crowds lurk in and you find yourself wedged between pensioners, yelly children and a BHS bargain bucket filled with 1/2 priced red satin pyjamas, you know it’s over. What looked like pretty cheer before, now seems like a sweaty madness of ‘every Christmas man for himself.’ I wheeled my little baby Ruby straight out of that joint to a swanky restuarant for lunch and simply because if it ever takes me over 20 minutes to wait for an elevator again, i really will have to start lobbing angry candy canes at nice people in order to make a pathway. Some man playing the trumpet. Wait…was it a trumpet? It was a big thing…like a trombone or something? But yeah anyway, who cares about brass instruments, when you’re by an Estee Lauder counter. He kept asking me for money, then blowing down his kahuni, for more. I gave him a pound and said ‘Merry Xmas.’ Then the cheeky fricking sod said, ‘anymore?’ Any-fricking-more!!! Cheeky chappy charm doesn’t work on me. Now i’m all for Xmas cheer, giving and people who blow their own trumpets. Yet i looked, sighed and with a smile of ‘oh please sir,‘ simply said, ‘I’m by makeup…you’d have to be blowing down that thing naked for me to be distracted for even a second more, over foundation.’ Then i bought the Estee Lauder Double wear in a too light shade, because i was in a showy offy rush. I needed lighter, but there’s lighter and there’s lighter. I’m not a Geisha. I’m a reformed sequinned floozy, with a wink and a cheery disposition. Rubes had already had enough ‘MUUUUUMMMMY I DON’T LIKE IT HERE!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO’ and was dying to see Grandma at the restuarant. So we *honey* peaced out and tottered to our next bit of destination…armed with all sorts of Xmasy crap that we picked up along the way, from Chesnuts to Christmas fricking Barbie.

Got to the restuarant…late. But happy. I hate being late for anything because i weirdly don’t love all eyes on me, when i’m late and well when people are late it mean that they don’t find you as important as the thing that is currently occupying them. I once, waited for a boy on a date for over an hour. Stood their waiting, in London, like an idiot, when i should’ve gone home. I don’t know why i didn’t. But the good thing is that he’s out of my life now and drop kicked into the ‘past.’ I had a hideous time with boys in London. I was stood up twice. Used. Hit on repeatedly almost every minute and because i was so desperado at the time, because i felt lonely, i let some hideous bore of a boy think he was worth being the eye candy of ‘The Wunna.’ I remember, how i subconsiously hated living there because i was there for all the wrong reasons and i certainly noticed i didn’t intend on staying when another boy i began dating pointed out that i had never unpacked by suitcases. I left them packed because i subconsciously intended to leave…and i did. I have never been happier! Look at my life now. I have Ruby, a baby on the way, i’m married to not only the most yummy man, but the man of my entire dreams, who i was utterly fated to be with, i’m near my family and my career, work life is stable and on it’s way up. Life switched really fast…and it only did that because i deep down always knew it would and secretly always wanted it too. Remember how i said, i never knew what was going to happen to me, nut i always knew it would be something wonderful. That happened and is happening and it was all down to my frame of mine.

But yeah…i got heavily distracted then…the Tree is UP and Keiran, Ruby and i plonked it up to happy Christmas tunes, whilst giggling, reminising and dancing, like the world couldn’t be happier between our four walls. We even ‘non alcoholic’ toasted to Christmas. Although lovely, i much prefer toasts to be alcoholic. Surely that’s the point to merriment, that tiny bit of boozy *clink* to ring in the festive season, by fairy lights. But i didn’t and because i’m preggo. I’ll save it until May 31st, when i’ll have a serious reason to *cheers!* Roll on baby number 2!

There was an actually a moment, where Keiran *paused* as he placed baubles onto the tree. I was tinselling it to George Michael and stood on my hubby’s left hand side. He *paused,* looked at me and said with a smile, ‘This is our SECOND Christmas together!!!’ it actually means so much to us because it sort of feels like we’ve made it in love and without giving up. We’re doing forever and we’re doing it well. The last Christmas, (unlike George Michael) we had fallen in love and we were sort of newly engaged. We have done so much since then that we can’t even begin to remember on the spot. Work wide, emotionally…i mean we’ve even got married. This year, we’re hanging baubles, by our tree, in the exact same corner, still madly in love, now with an almost 2 year old galloping around the living room madly in tinsel, i have a little life living in my belly that we created out of love…and we’re married. So it’s our first Christmas as husband as wife, and also pregnant with our new bump. Next Christmas, there we’ll be, with our TWO children, doing Crimbo. It’s madness…and perfect. We bot take our love very seriously because it’s a fairytale and we never ever knew it would happen this magically. I mean he was talking about it this morning, over the phone (he’s in London) how he subconsciously always knew i’d find him…and i did. Love means a lot to both of us and the fact that we’ve managed to stay together and commit to forever is amazing. We have an amazing life and an amazing family…and to me, no matter how much money we make, how well our business goes, how popular we get, if we do get….that is what matters. I think Keiran’s the kinda boy who’s always deep down wanted to find true love, or just plain old love and certainly wanted it to last a lifetime. We’re exactly the same and played our past love lives very well. We sort of foolled everyone. Were just really similar and hence why we get along so perfectly.  He keeps having these happy moments where he runs through his life, his future, or his current situation and with a *sigh* happily has to take a breathe of utter ‘wa-woo-wee.’ It’s overwhelming for him, i guess and well that’s makes me very happy. I’ll do every Christmas from this year on with him and simply because without him, my life just wouldn’t make any sense. (Oh fuck it…lets throw in a kitten heeled elf boot here….)

Okay, so i hope you’ve all snagged a bit of love. If not enjoy this time with your friends. Either your fun friends, or single friends, who will indulge in Christmas martini’s with you and wear sequinned skirts with joy,as you attempt to pull the  other single prowling men, who fancy a bit of mistletoe action. That’s what i adore about this time, it’s never a miss and simply because no matter what everyone looks fabulous at Christmas. It’s the lighting. Nothing is hotter than fairy lit corners and giggles. I’m not sure how long Christmas love lasts for, as like Summer, it’s sort of a time that people misuse these days for flings. They want to cosy up with a loved one, or meet up with a sexy ‘bonkerlonk’ at the club, who they can get blathered on Bailey’s with and not have to commit to come New Year. But for those of you who are lucky, i’m really excited for you. 🙂 Christmas is a sexy time of year so make the most of it. It’s much sexier when you’re older too. Infact, i’ve never ever felt sexier than i do now that i’m in my 30’s. I turn 32 in two weeks! You’re 20’s are about experimenting or finding you’re sexy, what you stand for as a woman and the time you make your most mistakes, when it comes to men and how you represent yourself. In your 30’s you got sexy DOWN. Apparently in your 40’s…you’re a tiger. (Keiran through a light see-through green dildo and a red leopard print bullet at the wall yesterday morning, when he found them on the window sill, with an ‘i bet they get more action then ME!!!’  It was all in good fun, as he’s been having a hard time of recent, with me being preggo. But i’m coming back into my own now and well like i said before, i’m feeling ‘ooh laa.’)

Talking about ‘ooh laa,’ we had the SEXIEST night ever a couple days ago. We had fallen asleep on the sofa, whilst watching a movie and when Ruby had gone to bed. It was dark and we were half asleep but loving. We’d had a happy night filled with love and early that evening, i had made him dinner and naked massaged his thighs and bum. (He was naked. I always feel awkward being naked and simply massaging where there is no sex intended and it’s simply for the good of their achey body. 🙂 You’d kinda just sit there with your nipples out..rubbing with an ‘aww,’ and a smile. So i did it clothed and well he was starkers. (Which i like.)

We then enjoyed the evening and we fell asleep watching a movie. When we woke, probably around midnight, we both got up off the sofa and got ready for bed. He went to the loo downstairs and i went to get Ruby’s extra bed time bottle ready. As i reached in the cupboard and at just begun to get the bottle ready, Keiran snook up behind me…in the dark remember, (there was only  gentle street light beams glowing inward through the kitchen blinds) and as he placed himself very naked and behind me, he started to kiss the back of my neck. (My most tickle place!) I was still in pyjamas. He slowly kissed away for a while and asked he how it felt. I got the most exciting rush all the way through body and shyly expressed how great it felt, sort of clenching my neck where his kisses had overwhelmed me. He then reached over to my left and whispered, as his lips touched the edges of my ear,  ‘that’s how it feels when you’re in love and in a perfect relationship.’

That was it. It was ON! We slowly touched, kissed, fondled and he stripped me. Until we were both stark naked and he was caressing my boobs, as i lent on the kitchen counter. Within a minute he was inside me and there you have it. 🙂 Sexy, sexy SEXY TIME! Great SEX! Then i turned around, we kissed and he lifted me onto the kitchen counter and we made that little bit more love, in the dark. Maybe i am the Queen of Domesticity afterall. 🙂 At least i kept it near the oven.

Keiran out did himself and well he was super dooper sexy that evening. I LOVE the build up to sex and well i love those evening when we have big sexy sessions of either romantic gentle love making, or pure filth. 🙂

If that was a bit graphic, you have my apologies, but you really should try it, it’s healthy..and like i always say, infact both of us say, sooo much better with you’re TRUE LOVE. With anyone, it just feels ‘alright’ and half like you’re doing the action in order to come. We certainly brought sexy back and it felt simply delicious.

Anyway, i better go now, as i’m in the middle of Starbucks typing away smuttily, by a coffee bean display. I’m about to eat pancakes and well i just can’t WAIT for my birthday and to finally get away to the luxury log cabin for a week. Hurry! Hurry!

Luxury is an important thing in anyone’s life i believe and simply because there is no excuse for you to live without it. I can’t think of one thing that you can’t bundle up and dip in ‘luxury,’ be it a log cabin, a hotel room, a human, an experience, a plain old everyday item. Be you rock n roll, ghetto, plain, glam or goth…you can still sprinkle yourself in diamonds and dip your toe in the golden pools of luxury, to make the experience worth it. Yeah some say it’s all about money, but i say it’s all about ‘ooh laa.’

Okay, i’m going to eat pancakes and get my nails done now. I think it’s started raining. We’re driving around our new car that my mum bought us for Christmas. We’re loving every moment of it and Keiran says it drives beautifully. We’re just having the most perfect time right now and the other evening was just filled with love and giving. Everyone gave and everyone loved. It was perfect. I got an early birthday pressie from Keiran too. I had been complaining about my skin for days, because as some of you may know pregnancy is not fun for your skin.

He came in from work on Friday..i think it was Friday? My mum was there and well he told me to be seated. When all was calm, he gifted me with a perfect packaged and beautifully wrapped giant box, that i excitedly unravelled and unwrapped with Baby Ruby. In it, he had purchased me yummy luxury Clinque skin products…LOTS of them and he (along with the good people at Boots) had put it all together for me, so i could finally be preggo and enjoy great skin!!) I slide open that box with excitement.. It’s just really great receiving something that you actually truely really need, isn’t it. I’ve used it everyday since then. I was over the moon and well to me the trip to the log cabin away was enough of a b-day treat!

Looking forward to my mummy/baby evening with Rubes tonighta, as Daddy is at some awards in London and won’t be back until late late afternoon tomorrow.

I’ve had the perfect weekend. Absolutely Christmasy. We’ve shopped, put the tree up, gone out to Sunday dinner and watched the ducks at Newmiller Dam. Tonight is all about stuffing our faces, bubbly bath times and cuddles, by the tree. Ruby wants a Furby for Christmas and states that if she doesn’t get it, Santa’s gonna get me?? I enjoy how she thinks I GET presents for Santa to bring her. I’ve obviously spread the message of Christmas across accurately.

She’s at nursery right now playing. I’m blogging by a chai tea latte at Starbucks, and Keiran’s over looking the canal from his hotel window over Camden loch, in London.

Wish for anything you want this Christmas and i bet if you wish hard enough, you’ll get it.

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