Its hot, it’s late and i have constipation

So it’s as hot in England right now, (at this very moment) as it is in LA, infact apparently one degree hotter, so i am one happy chappie. I was meant to be with my friend ‘Waz’ at a BBQ, yet got the important ‘Are you still playing out Wunna,’ message a bit too late! I ended up at ‘Rogerthorpe Manor having the loveliest dinner, outdoors, under the moonlight, in the evening heat…drinking screwdrivers, and bumping into old school friends with teachers in ‘i’m totally at a wedding’ attire. They congratulated me on career success. I nodded, smiled, pretended i was listenning (if you are reading this, i was totally listenning,) and carried on drinking my vodka oranges!!

I’ve just got in, and realised that my darling ‘hubby hubbness’ aka, my ‘Latin lover’ is doing his whole graduation ceremony thing today. Ofcourse, in true diva style, i wasn’t able to be there… even though i would have loved too (it’s great showing him up)… so instead i called him ten million times. He didn’t pick up, probably because he’s graduating (haha) and now, for some reason, i have constipation?? (double suck!!)

I’m off to bed now, as it’s late, and i have an early morning wake up! I’m gonna try and poop, and i’m gonna try and get some sleep in this blistering heat!! It’s crazy!! I love it!! Oh and i love you!! Oh! Oh! And if you are an ex of mine, and you KNOW where i am currently residing ‘DON’T STOP BY!!’ Simply drive past, ponder the memories and email me…if you must!! hahahaha I’m getting a lot of that recently!! Don’t do it!!

kisses Chrissie xxx

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