It’s Freaking Friday!

Here we are my Pretties, once again on a rather wonderful Friday night. It’s really important to me to celebrate EVERY Friday night, simply because the ‘feeling’ of it gets the better of me, it’s a tradition that has been toyed with for  centuries and well it’s pretty much Friday in a gzillion countries of this dear world of marvel. Everyone must either be at the end of their friday night, the beginning or about to have their Friday night. It doesn’t matter what you do…all that matters is that you CELEBRATE it. (Plus, it’s

I’m choosing to spend mine with the ‘Handsome’ that i love, who is currently on a train from Leeds, rushing back to come and pick his little Glamour Puss up. We’ll probably have wine and blow jobs, but let me tell you, i LOOK DIVINE! I have my hair blown our in a giant Hollywood curls, i’m tanned, i’m manicured, i’m lashed, dollified and dipped in deliciousness. I have the *Giddy* in my system, a *spring* in my step and i can’t wait to ease my way into the weekend with a *smoochie woochie.* (A friend of mine claims that whenever any of his friends spot me in a bar, i’m always happily dancing away, with my lips attached to a gentleman. If they’re straight i’m doing the eyes fit for the Queen of any bedroom, and if their gay i’m *pouting* and *struting*..whilst they frantically run behind me fixing my hair. lol)

I’m really happy tonight and YOU should be too. I have the most amazing dress to wear, which will display my fondest assets and edge me closer to a bit of a ‘feel up.’ Woohoo! Infact, i’ve worked rather hard today. (I know, exhausting much. I didn’t break a sweat, because i just don’t. However, i did have a really long phone conversation.)

Abput 2 hours ago, i got off the phone to a company in LA, who have just watched me on ‘Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend’ and well they want to work with me. I was naked, trying to dry my tan, in my bedroom…what i like to call ‘boudoir,’ with my hair tied up and the phone pressed against my ear, as Carlos (Fun guy) told me that i was rather likeable, quite a hottie p’tottie, someone he watched and immediately was interested in working with and well he called because he wanted to put together a reality show concept for me to film in the summer…but in America. (Where they like me more.) I’ve also booked a bit of modelling out there, i’ve done a few little interviews for the different magazines and well life has turned out pretty pretty good..and all i did was celotape red feathers to my nips and do ‘oooh’ faces! Well done me!

Anywway, enough of the work talk. It’s all about the *play* right now. Throw caution to the wind, romance, dance, live love and always take a clean pair of knickers. I definitely want to get blathered, so hopefully i will and well Pete better be up for it tonight…because this Kitty is felling rather saucy. *Wink-pout* He says our sex life is at it’s peak and what he labels as ‘mind blowing.’ I haven’t even pulled out my Wunna tricks yet. (Oh incase your gay and reading this. I am wearing the best diamond chandelier earrings EVER much! EVER!!! If you’re  straight…i have no panties on. 🙂 )

Have a night of wonder and magic. Tell truths, tell lies, but do it with a *wink.*

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