It’s almost the weekend


To say that I spent the evening in nothing but a muscle shirt, i definitely don’t feel too bad. See! Fashion criming is perfectly fine when you’re counting it as ‘it’s hot in here’ pj’s. Oh and to all chicks who have booies, real, fake…who cares, no debate.No bra boobs look AMAZING in a muscle shirt. I even checked MYSELF out, every time i passed a mirror. 🙂 (Don’t hate.)

So today i’m at work. Whilst you’re reading this, i’ll be working. But it doesn’t feel too shitty because it’s my last day of a heavy work week, meaning as soon as it hits five thirty (can’t type the number five on my laptop anymore, it’s broken) i’m free and i’m totally free for the weekend…until Sunday. Ugh! But I can’t wait until Friday! Life will be so far i’ve worked all the way through this delicious heatwave.

Anyway, what i wanted to talk to you about today was to make sure you don’t take shit from anyone. Don’t let people get you down, when you’re on you’re way up. Know that if you’re doing well there will be times when you are the most ridiculed being in town, yet you just have to focus on what you’ve achieved and what they maybe haven’t yet…and laugh it off with a ‘whatever.’ I’m naturally quite a toughie, but a happy toughie. I just see a lot of people get really down by what others think or say about them. I never ever give two hoots, because i’m pretty comfortable with who i am, what i’ve achieved, what I want to achieve, what i stand for and in my own skin. DUDES! They can say what they want…i’m ‘Wunna’ and i’m doing my own life my own way.

PLUS!!!!! If you are a being who doesn’t like something about their life CHANGE IT. Change it immediately, because life is too short to waste time stubbling around a tiny rut, sttuck in the middle of nothingness. Live, have dreams, go get them…dont’ just say you will…try and do one thing today that takes you ONE STEP CLOSER to your goal…even the tiniest thing that makes you that little bit more productive. And i’m a swine for this, as i’m naturally a got getter, yet i completely understand how you can get lost in the normal day to day that you forgot about you and what YOU want…Make your own dreams come true, or end up working for someone elses. Nothing is impossible…everything you’ve wanted to do, probably has been done before.

It’s all about positively moving forward, staying focused and going for it. I’m always someone who want to make their mark and i’m nowhere near where i can imagine myself being in my head if i just worked harder at it. So i’m there with you toooo. Stay focussed, fun and have great people around you. That is sooooooooooo important. It was  easy in LA because everyone was so focussed and trying to BE someone.

And yes, everyone has a different view on what success means to them. You could simply want to look better, be healthy, work your dream job, be a parent, take on a challenge, give something up, have the best car, have the best wife…be the strongest, the prettiest, the the richest…the most together, stable or sensible human being….It literally could be anything, but you’re not going to get it if you don’t try….

It doesn’t matter if you do shit at it at first, as it’s the doing shit that guides you towards learning how to do it right…

So today, melt in the heat and be super productive. It’s the Wunna rule of the day.

Success to me…is happiness.

I’m a girl who wants everything, yet on the inside i’m really super happy. I feel whole. That took a long time. I got there…meaning that i can now seriously work towards a goal like i’m mighty strong, because i already achieved the hardest part.

Find your cheerleader, your support…your love…and go for it.

ps/ If you’re sweaty, don’t hit on me today.

PPs/ If you’re not, feel free to massage my shoulders. Someone randomly came up to me in the supermarket yesterday and whilst i was BUYING TAMPONS, started massaging my shoulders. I would’ve told him to stop, but it felt too good. HAHAHAHA. I heart men.




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