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I’ve had an AWESOME DAY. I’m filled to the brim with excitement for my big old birthday tomorrow!! I get all giddy and kid like whenever my birthday decides to shimmie in and well i can’t WAIT to have the best nights sleep, to simply peel open my baby doll eyes and whop open all my gifts!!!

The babies gave me their presents about an hour ago. I think they wanted me to open them immediately, so they could see what was in them. Lol. Yet, i’ve made them wait until the morning, when it’s actually my birthday, which is when they can help me, before nursery and before i rush off to work.

I’m looking forward to work. Looking forward to the weekend. I currently have shit loads of vino around me and pressies, pressies galore.

Tick, tock, tick tock..

I’m nearly 34!

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