It’s all about Victory

I worked really hard yesterday, to the point where i think i deserve a tiny kitty cat rest, simply because I gained very little IMMEDIATE result, from my sudden burst of ‘work hard.’ I only seem to enjoy an instant moment of glory, after an exertion of heave-ho. Actually, that’s not true, as i’m am quite fond of pretty much anything going right, even if it accidentally dawns years later. But today, i’m cold and i don’t like the cold, unless it’s Christmas time. AND, i haven’t had my morning function coffee yet…which means I am unable to be happily social until life decides to kick in fully. AND Keiran is being grumpy to me (lovely, but grumpy) because he’s only just managed to wake up and i am apparently failing to decide what car i want? (I have zero interest in cars. However, if i’m being snuggly and sweet, i’d jolly well prefer not to be called ‘a lump.’ YES! He said, ‘You’re like this lump just laid on me. Get off!!’ LUMP?? I thought i was Glamour puss extra-ordinare, girl of your dreams, wife and Queen of glitter. 🙂 Now i’ve been reduced to a heavy Asian LUMP, with an attitude problem and a weave. Lol. Then he called me ‘annoying’ and all because i still couldn’t decide what CAR i wanted to buy our family.) Now, that he’s managed to annoy me and with the added delicious fact that i’m hormonally wibbly. I don’t want to buy a car anymore. Well i will…won’t i. We need appropriate wheelage. Even if you’re tired, or simply on your last legs, being rude to your loved ones sucks and being disrespectful in Wunna Land is EVEN WORSE. (He’ll come down in a moment and want crumpets or eggs, with a smile on his face and a brief ‘i’m sorry.’ Infact no, what he’ll do is try to make it look like I was the rude one, in a poor, but happy attempt to ‘push the blame.’ Like men do. I’ve shut him in the bedroom and turned the heat up to full, so he gets annoyed. (He hates being overheated.) I don’t call that ‘rude.’ I call it revenge. A sexier way of being rude. 🙂 I hope he remembers that i gave him a blow job yesterday, a good one that messed my pretty face up! Surely i score major points for that???

Anyway, enough of that, i’ve already forgiven him and simply because he’s madly in love with me and declares it all the time…openly. Tomorrow i’m in London for a bit of a break and hotel time. I really need it because i’m working hard online and trying to find answers to life puzzles that will effectively put me on the map, or the right road to victory.  My love life is fine, but running a family and moving forward to where you want to be in life can be stressful. You have to work hard. However, what i learnt from my Hollywood time is that sometimes and only sometimes, you just have to chill and let life take it’s natural course. Let fate step in and foxtrot you to your destiny, without the force of ‘gimme-gimme.’ I just hate the fact of knowing that i never tried my hardest. Hence why i ‘push.’  I’m hanging of this rung off a glitzy ladder, with an ‘Almost’ sign above my head, scratching my head at how to gallop upward, with a giddy, stiletto ‘ooh,’ to victory. I’ve been doing everything by myself, so obviously it hasn’t been easy, as i’m quite rubbish and organizing anything.

Keiran’s in a phase where he wants to do tremendously well and make his mark on this world. Which i like about him. He wants victory, so that he can buy himself anything he ever wanted and buy me whatever i want without a single of thought of ‘can i?’ Saying that, yesterday whilst laid on the sofa he said, ‘if i had millions and billions i’d get you anything you want.’ I asked for a cat and an Ethopian baby. He said ‘NO’ to both! WHAT!!!! NO!?! DO MY EARS DECIEVE ME??? I mean, I don’t even get what i want hypothetically, in pretend billionaire land.

I’m quite a patience person and a rather tolerant kitten of joy. I didn’t used to be, but finding your inner ‘Zen’ is sexy on occasion. I still want everything NOW, however Keiran is a being who wants everything yesterday. But we’re gonna do well and I intend to wiggle my way to the top…but with far less rum and heartache in my pocket this time. (I enjoy how i’ve plonked up an underwear piccie this morning, in order to firstly hold onto my youth and secondly make more cavemen type blokes click on a link and read my life. Tragico! ) I like that i’m filled with heartache anymore. I have a great man. I really great man. And even though we have a moan on occasion, are love is one that people have written about for centuries.

I don’t really have anything else to say, other than the fact that i’m going to champion through the day, get on with the ‘push,’ that new show ‘Girlfriends’ looks good on ITV2. I mean, if you can’t find love, why not let ITV2 help you, buy sauntering hot and not so hot guys in your path, until one fits. Emily and Fran should go on that!

I’m gonna attempt to work hard again today and just get through the day before London tomorrow. Keiran’s just come down and asked me to turn the oven on for him, so he can make crumpets. He’s being nice to me, because he won’t get to eat otherwise and asking me to smell his tea. A ‘YELP’ of pain has just come from the kitchen and i’m assuming he’s burnt himself on the oven,whilst making crumpets. 🙂 (I can’t help but find it cute.) For some reason i’m having a flashback of him entertaining Baby Ruby last night, by pretending to be Russel Crowe in ‘Gladiator and THEN pretending to be a charicature version of me. He performed it like i was Joanna Lumley from ‘Ab Fab,’ but the budget version as he held bubble wrap, over his head, pretend smoked and kept saying ‘wiggly-wink’ and walking like i was bow legged?

Anyway, I’ll catch up later, when i’ve had my morning cuppa. x

Have a wonderful Thursday. x

Ps, he burnt his finger and thumb making crumpets. I mean, you’re telling me this man defended our country, but can’t make a fricking crumpet!

PPs/ My Ginger Princess friend Emily has just Tweeted this ‘Just been handed a bunch of flowers at work. Then told they weren’t for me but could i deliver them to the girl they were for.’ #rude’ HAHAHAHA. I do adore her. Ces’t la vie.

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