It’s all about the heels

Feeling delicious and like i can take over the world. The ‘fairytale’ is still in tact. Keiran is over the moon with life right now, well the ‘love’ part of his life, as some of the other parts are proving to be a merry pain in his bootio. (Traffic tickets, work drama and all sorts.) I’m feeling loved, refreshed and in need of my weave tightening and well my over-sexed hubby is all a ‘thrust-gimme-gimme.’ I’m not quite sure what’s happened to him today, but i went to a meeting/interview in Leeds today, where i had to attempt to be extremely impressive. Ofcourse…I was… *Wiggle-wink*.. as i sat in a glass office, opposite a gentleman in a pink shirt, who was exceedingly great at his job. (I like people who are good at what they do and people who wave that flag with a calm, easy, posh swagger.) Great day! I felt nervous, but alive all at the same time. I had worried about my outfit more than anything else, this morning. (I’m a girl who has her priorities straight, obviously. I’m all ‘Yeah, yeah, business, business, but do i look sexy? Should i have tanned my legs?’) It went well..loving life right now.

Anyway, a moment in Chino Latino for a sushi pick up and a short train journey home later, i found myself sat next to my delighted handsome husband, who was there, ready and waiting to pick his little kitten up, to bring her back to safety. He was giddy and excited and had eyes that looked at me,like there wasn’t any other girl in this entire world that he would rather be with.

Then later, i found out that he was giddy and excited because i’ve managed to make more money. Lol. Keiran’s a swine for it. However so am I. When one of us adds that little more to the bank balance, i’m sure we see the other, as that little bit more attractive for a moment. He’s been jumping all over and gyrating at me with ear phones, as his soul was filled with joy and his pants were filled with ‘far too much for me to handle, let alone control.’ So i’ve sent him out on a run…and so my peach t-shirted boobies can have a rest from the *squeeze.* It’ll do him good, to let off a bit of steam. I like that i’m impressive to him, It makes me laugh, as i have no idea how i do it. Yet, when you’re impressive girls…be warned that your man will become a big thrusting mess. You will need to have a sporting activity at the ready to send him out on, or you will be tied to a bed frame, with fear in your little dolly eyes.

Long story short…we’re great! But yesterday, when i was all down in the dumps, with my pre-period ‘sad face,’ he surprised me, by making me venture off to his van, to rummage in the glove box to fetch him 3 lottery tickets. Firstly, he would NEVER make me do that! Secondly…well he just would NEVER send me on an errand like that. But i went and because i knew something fishy was going on.

By the time i had got to the van, to begin my rummage…he was stood behind me, waiting for me to finish moaning. Once i had, he suggested i turned around and well there he was, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. AWWW! How romantic. I LOVE IT! It just brought a smile to my little asian face, the kinda smile that every little girl, or woman would want to experience, when in love. One of those smiles that you can’t stop from happening. It’s simply breaks away and grins, without you being able to control it. Not that you would want to control it anyhow.

Then we lunched, looked at cars. I compared them to fishing rods. (I know nothing about cars. I’m bored by cars. But well, we all need one.) Plus, i was feeling mildy insecure because he has made me wear this peach headband all day. Keiran loves the idea of having a ‘Stepford’ wife. He really does likes the ‘design a Bride’ theory. I’m quite the glamour puss, even at the worst of times, however just recently i haven’t managed to keep up appearances because i’ve been all busy, lazy or just wallowing my my pity party for one. #BAD

Both of us ADORE the bit of Hollywood glamour puss, dipped in OTT that i used to be. No-one else around the area in which we live like it. But we do. So, i’ve decided to get my act back together and shimmie back to victory and ofcourse with the help of my Mr.Thompson himself. He takes a bit too far though, as he’s an all or nothing guy. He’s trying to make me stop drinking and go to the gym and everything. WORDS OF THE DEVIL MUCH.

Yet now i’m tipping the age scale, i’ve promised to tinker down to the gym 3 times a week…but drinking and the stoppage of it, will just never happen. I’m a champers girl, with a wink….if i put my glass down, i might as well place my soul down with it. Lol. (So dramatic.) I admit that i have been a bit moany recently. I usually moan about people moaning. So, now i’m going just quit being ‘yadda-yadda’ and just get on with celebrating being MOI! Which is the little glamour puss extra-ordinaire, Hollywood style.

Anyway, tomorrow we’re back in London. Just travelling up because we have an early Wednesday morning appointment in West London. Neither of us are fans of early morning trains, so we’d rather stay over and get a good nights kip. However, really it’s because we need appropriately grooming time in the morning. I hate doing my face at 5am, to catch a 6am train for a 9am meeting. Not happening. Ever! We’re travelling down tomorrow and resting up for the big old meeting.

I need wine now, so i’ll blog later. I just wanted to check in quickly….

Do well, love hard and giggle. Do everything in heels and you will never go wrong.


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