It’s all about the guestlist…and well WE HAVE A WEDDING!


Yesterday was, what I call, an accidental drip of fate, that turned my life into ‘fairytale’ once again, with dewy joy whittles of happy tears, excitement love and true love.

I had a complete day of work from the moment i woke up. I had a great kitty cat litetr load to deal with, organize and dash with ‘Wunna Love,’ followed by a loong, yet delicious day of filming. Now, the funny thing is that due to showbizzy contract rules and glitzy secrets, i can’t actually tell you anything about it. Not even one little thing, as you have to all wait until the big telly ‘wahoo.’ However, yes that little bit of work, turned into such a wonderful bit of magic, that changed a moment, so deeply into a certain kind of ‘perfect.’ Wedding bell perfection. (Why am i getting flashbacks of me printing out ipad pictures of fruity cocktails? Only Glamour Pusses of my calibre, tend to such a pastime in a moment of panic. #beme)

Okay, if i’m being deliciously honest, my perfect day of fairytale, turned mildy sour, (with brief slapping, after salmon,) yet right now this very second, i couldn’t actually be happier. I’ve had a giant morning Princess weep, i’m got my ‘va voom’ back in order and i’m celebrating the wonders of Wunna land. And Why? (I hear you cry) Well simply because I can! A gooey bundle load of magical things have gifted their way into my pretty glitter filled life and well i’m enjoying it, with the people who deserve my time and love and now just laughing at the ignorants (who come in the form of ratty gobby dolls, with almost not enough cleverness, to realize the actual impact of ‘getting on with their own’ bit of 100years, then gossiping about mine, is probably the best way to actually make their life mildy worth it. *Yawn.*)

I’m concentrating on the positive, whirlwind dancing with love, enjoying every bit of the book, the launch, the show and warm giggling with the cute dolls of love, who stand by Team Wunna, whole heartedly and with banners. I have a great deal of love to give, however i’m really glad that i’m old enough to know not to give it to those that don’t deserve my energy.

God, i wish i could tell you about my yesterday, as my handsome hubby to be and I had one of those fate gifts, from Cupid, that gave us one of those moments that we will treasure forever. The evening ended with a wine and dinner, with a ‘put down’ camera and the magnificent staff at The Castle, providing the most delicious service ever, my a roaring fire. We’re madly in love and well i’m keeping the ones (and there’s loads of you) who adore our union close to my heart, with love.

I’ve got a lot to do today, with book launch titter-tatter and a Bunny girl shoot to finalize for the promo for the event at Bed at the end of May. I think we shoot Tuesday and i’m excited to get ‘bunnified’ once more with a squeeze of lovely glamour models. If i think about it, i’m actually surrounded by lovely people right now and the recent folk sauntering into my life, are truely great people, who work hard, know life, have followed their dreams, have warmed to me with a calm respect and have become a successful human being in their own right. It feels great, because they are the people who never became a product of their environment and concentrated on making their mark on this world, with a heart, a wine and a dream. They’re people who i could remeet a year from now and they would’ve actually achieved something wonderful in that time, instead of the usuals who you find doing the exact same thing, multiple years after, fucked up, on the end of Westgate, with their fingers crossed and their pockets empty.

I was once on a horrific, yet jolly trip to rock bottom in Hollywood, during my intense time of party-party and all it took was for one good person, (you know who you are 😉 ) to grab me, stop me and make everything better with a little glitter plaster of ‘that is the past.’ From that moment on…everything rocketed. I became the person that i wanted to be, adored the person that i had become, achieved greatly, concentrated on what mattered, loved, lived, dreamed and conquered. Now, i can go outside in the rain, (and i despise the rain,) look up to the skies, smile and feel truely content with who i am, what i represent and how i love. I’m doing AMAZINGLY and i can’t even believe it. I have a accidentally terrific career, a beautiful daughter and a wonderful hubby to be. Who’d a thought! (I’ve just got a text from my mum telling me that Ruby has managed to get told off at nursery for hitting other children in the face and laughing. UGH!!! My one year old is insane. This is NOT good.)

But anyway, i’ve got to go and sort of my book launch guestlist, can’t wait to see you all there. I’ve got the playboy bunny shoot to sort out, the book to et excited about and well….

Yesterday my gorgeous hubby-to-be and i had a MAGICAL bit of fairytale happen, (which i can’t at all tell you about, due to filming.)

BUT!!!! I will tell you that we are MADLY IN LOVE, really excited, ready to do our 100 years with one another, have a family and well….yesterday kinda booked our WEDDING!!! In four months time, i’m gonna be Mrs. Thompson!! 🙂 We’re both really overwhelmed and well it feels like…magic. August is the wedding and with only four months, we need to get a wdding planner to jump on it and make our day the grandest day any being could have ever be blessed. We’re not a couple to do things small, so we’ve gone for BIG, GRAND, glitzy, posh, glamourous, rich and fairytale, filled with butlers, cocktail hours, chandeliers and true love!!!

He looked at me yesterday, during that ‘moment’ and he filled up with a sheer sense…well i can’t even explain it. We hugged, we kissed…omg, we’re just completely overwhelmed. Can’t wait to celebrate our love!!

I am marrying the most amazing man and well you will get towatch that moment happen on your telly box, next year!!!! 🙂 Four months until i’m a wifey! xxx I LOVE HIM!


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  1. I love you are so in love…super cute. I love reading about how happy you are, all the while still keeping busy and being a beautiful mother! You are truly an inspiration to me! Thank you for your daily blogs that give me a boost to my day!


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