It’s all about gin…

Really drunk, really tired and on my way to London in approximately 2 hours. I’bev not packed yet. I’ve spent the whole day drinking and living off crisps. I was meant ot meet Wazza at the Coutning House but he disappeared and i’m gonna miss Loverboy very very much.

When you’re in love it’s really hard ot leave someone behind. I’ve never felt so *sad face.’* I hate leaving him behind. We’ve had such an amazing day! But anyway tomorrow afternoon i’ll be done and i will back on my way up north. However on Thursday i’ll be at Embassy at the Heat Mag/Big Brother woo-haa…and i’ll be having a blast and taking Loverboy! (Heellllooo scene!)

Jonny kinda wants to come, however, i feel like he had his moment and now i’ve moved onto to stronger pastures. I’m going to play with Samuel and I’m taing my baby boo Petey!

Right now i feel crunk, therefore i must go and attempt to pack some sort of overnight bag….all i need it a gin minature. 🙂

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