It’s all about an ‘Inbox’


I still have no voice. In fact no…that’s a lie. I have a voice. Yet it’s one that makes me sound like I’ve had 42 cigarettes for breakfast with 3 gallons of whisky. Not very ‘Dolly.’ Not very ‘good.’ However, the worst part of having a voice that isn’t yours is the fact that when you try and shout at people, or even simply try to communicate with people, you  can’t emphasize your feelings appropriately, because it’s almost as if  another person is talking for you, OR you’ve just adopted a stutter. I’m quite embarrassed by it really, which really isn’t like me. I want to sound like a ‘Doll,’ not a Gruffulo.

On a good note, I have a fully fixed car. There was nothing really wrong with it except the coolant level. The car fixer man poured some in it for free, decoded a bunch of other stuff and then billed me for £24. Jolly good! Simples! My wheels are safe! I feel refreshed. But then I couldn’t get into my car this morning after dropping Ruby off at nursery. I had to hover around the vehicle like I was figuring out how to pinch it, but in my big hair and faux fur…with my sore throat. I kept pressing and pressing the ‘open my car now’ button and it just wouldn’t play ball.

Anyway, I must have luckily looked pathetic because a very kind gentleman sauntered up to my rescue with a smile and an open heart. He fiddled with my key, as I was on the phone to Keiran, finding it all quite hilarious…and well he saved my life in that moment. I really adore nice gentlemen. I love men that come to your rescue without you telling them to. They just notice that you may need help and plonk on their armour to save you. He was a church goer, as I watched where he walked off to, after I thanked him with my whisky voice. He smiled and simply said, ‘I only know because I used to have the same car.’ Then he waved me off, with a halo above his head.

I’m home now, and happy to have had a joyful Baby Ruby this morning. I guess, because she’s felt fluey, she’s been really naughty, Yet now that she’s passed her snotty nose onto me, with a dose of chest infection, she’s as happy as can be. See! Passing on your illness DOES make you feel better. So if you have the flu…start coughing on people. You’ll get better faster. 🙂

I currently have workmen in the house. Horrific. I hate having odd people who fix things in the house. I never know how to act around them. I’ve decided to ignore them and blog instead because i’m super well mannered like that. 🙂 I mean, I’m sure they just want to get on with it. I would. Apparently my toilet is leaky. Hopefully by the time they leave, it won’t be. BINGO!

Last night was chill night. I was exhausted after my poor attempt at Preggo-Yoga. Keiran went on a 15 mile bike ride with his new found cousin Craig. I smelt like fresh roses and Keiran smelt like a toad. Craig and Keiran are getting on really well right now and I’m liking it because last night as I was grooming in the mirror, he said, ‘y’know, it’s crazy how we’ve hit it off some perfectly, yet so quickly. We just get on. We’re really similiar.’ That to me means he’s found a good friend. Why? Well because when Keiran first met me, he always used to say that about me. Y’know that he couldn’t believe how he felt about me, how well we got on so well with one another, how we seemed so perfect together and we really similiar. Plus, I made Craig, (who does seem lovely) my random baked salmon on a naan bread snack last night and he ate it all…poor thing. 🙂 I felt really bad because he was probably starving and all he had to eat was a Wunna concoction. Keiran’s used to it, so gobbled it up like it was his favourite meal ever. Craig ate it anyway and thanked me greatly for it. Aww! Lol. I like him already. I believe the boys are off to play cricket today. I oddly know a great deal about cricket because i remember the boys playing it at school. Not that I paid any attention to it. But a boy I went to school with Richard Dawson, does play cricket for England. I think Keiran’s more concerned about his outfit though than anything. 🙂 (That’s my boy.) He tried to pretend that he didn’t do his hair ever, to his cousin last night after being called ‘gay.’ AS IF. My hubby must groom more than me. He is 100% more precise about his grooming and hair doing that ME. I just looked at him as he tried to LIE his way into machoism and said, ‘YOU DO YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. There’s nothing wrong with that!’ 🙂 He called me a ‘lizard,’ told me to shut it and giggled his way out of it all.

Life is good right now. I feel like I have a lot going on, but a lot that i’m having to wait for. I’m waiting for the tv show to air. It’s taking ages and well i’m quite patience at the best of times…so I guess a little more waiting won’t harm anyone. I think i just like to know what’s happening so I can prep for it all. Right now I feel as though I have no clue as to what is going on and when, meaning I can’t at all plan anything.

The good thing is, i’m about to have a baby at the end of May, meaning everything can get swept to one side for a seconds as I birth the next bit of ‘Wunna-Thompson’ into the world.

(God, my sore throat and chest infection is preventing me from actually being able to THINK. I can’t blog for having a fuzzy head.)

I will tell you that I received an odd message from a boy yesterday. He’s a nice boy. I used to work with him back in London and well I got to know him quite well. He was sort of like my boss and was dating one of the other girls in the company. He fancied me though…but obviously it was all a bit odd. He found me and contacted me yesterday with an message that read,

‘Hi Stranger,

Hope you’re good…it’s been a long time since we worked together, you still look as damn fine as I remember although there’s a baby on the way now so congrats. How I never hooke dup with you is beyond me.

Good luck with the new la familia gorgeous x’

The ‘subject’ of the message was ‘….’

Y’see, men with me at the time fancy me, think i’m a good option, yet a brief option, however then get too terrified to date me either due to circumstance or the fact that they don’t think they could fully handle the full effect of ‘The Wunna.’ Later in life…be it months, years or days after….they have a rethink, when their situation has changed and decide that i could’ve been the best thing to have ever happened to them. Then…I get the an inbox message.

I’m flattered. I mean, as girls we always are. He’s a pretty boy. It’s makes us feel appreciated and certainly builds our egos. Plus, he’s a good friend. Yet what I loved about Keiran was that he was never terrified about dating me, or making a solid first move to make it work. He felt i was his PERFECT girl and did everything he could boldy, romantically and in a sentimental fashion to get what he wanted and (here’s the key) WITHOUT FEAR, or without playing the GAME of lurve.

He always treated me with respect and within 5 weeks asked me to marry him.

That is what I call delicious. I like a brave boy.

Now, my old co-worker, who is certainly a lovely boy but not my ‘forever.’ (You get one shot with Wunna. Ya snooze..ya lose. Unless ya Keiran, then you gets lots of shots simply because we’re now a family.)

But being brave when it’s far too late is sort of like being ready to win the battle when the war is already over. The past is the past and in life if you wish to conquer what you proudly believe should be yours than you need to act upon it there and then…and fast. That’s not just in love…that’s in anything. I just thought i’d use the message as an example.

Life is about seizing all opportunities and doing it positively. In love…well they’ll be girls that fancy my Hubby and there are boys that fancy me. The key to the success of our relationship is that Keiran and I fancy each other and have been through enough ‘love history’ to know what’s right when it’s right.


(The hubby measuring the temperature of my boobs. It’s love.)

‘Dating and Mating’ is not the same as the old fashioned art of ‘courting,’ and ‘courting’ is exactly what Keiran and I did. Right from the beginning. He knew he couldn’t cross the line with me (I’m not a shot and a bonk’ kinda girl)…and well he loved me right from the beginning. He was ever the gentleman and I was very clear about what I wanted!  He always called when he said he would. he was always there and he always always told me how much he adored me.

I liked it and how we met is something I never ever forget. I mean, i was thinking about it as I soaked in the bath yesterday, after my shitty preggo-workout. It made me smile. I felt really lucky to have him. We might have gone through a lot, but that ‘lot’ is what makes us magic, because we’re still stood next to one another because we always know how to make it right. We know what’s important in life.

Other than all that, I have a midwife appointment to make today. I’ve turned down ‘Don’t tell the Bride’ for Keiran and I, as we’re already married. I need a rest. I’m probably gonna pick my bambino Rubes up from nursery and I’m gonna get through some jolly old work.I STILL have that interview to do that I haven’t yet done and I really do need a tan.

Most of all, i’m wanting to win millions on the lottery later tonight. But after i’ve got this mucus off my chest and throat. SEXY! God! When are these workmen going to get out of here.

Oh! Here’s a bit of a doo-daa for you singletons. A friend of mine is currently producing a TV show for MTV and well if you fancy a bit of ‘being on the telly’ and your single this Summer…here’s your shot!

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