It’s all a bit of a book launch boggle


A busy day mentally. Lots to organise. Lots to schedule. Lots to bundle up and celebrate and shit lots to get my head around. I’m sorting out ‘good times,’ with promo, with mummy diaries, wifey duties, Hollywood contracts, book launches, show filming, travel, last minute arrangements, hairdos and lists. Oh lists! (I’m not a list girl. I need to be.) There is so much going on in Wunna land that my mind is utterly butterly boggled. I quite fancy a trip away topless bathing in the sun. However, i have to conquer this launch…make it a big old jolly success, do well at filming on Wednesday and balance enough fun, with enough rest as possible. Being a ‘Lady of leisure’ was much much easier. You’d kinda swan up anywhere and do heels, at you’re own pace and you’re own time without a care in the world. But now, (that i’m a baby sized entrepeneur of fittiness..or whatever) life is wocka, choca busy..and you’d never know it…as i perform it with a calm glamour pussy flair, like i can handle it all in a ‘look not very busy’ manner. It’s like when you’re feet kill in hot shoes, but you can’t make like they do, in order to look delicious. Only tramps hobble around with an ‘ouchy-my shoes kill’ face. Real women, ‘divine’ their way through it with a glamourous, happy glide and a smile.

Keiran’s on the sofa, with new puppy ‘Rambo’ having ‘boy time. Their boy time seems to consist of cuddling, proving that all good men really need is a bit of a spoon to keep them going. I love being in love and i love the fact that i’m about to be a new wife. Weird innit…as i never said i would. It’s crazy how things change and how magic can pop out of nowhere. We had a really great weekend with one another and well it really does help solidify a foundation and make it strong.

Anyway, i must totter off, in my updo and with a fuzzy head, in order to tend to all this glitzy work pile up. Ugh. I’m really nervous about my launch now. I’m terrifed of it and i have no idea why? Plus, as soon as that box is ticked, i have a wedding an another launch to do, followed by a book tour…and my baby Rubes to cuddle up too. (Rubes really is wonderful right now..she staggers around stores grabbing everything and calling it a ‘babies.’ 🙂 I have a really happy baby and as a mummy/m.i.l.f 😉 it really does make you’re world go around. I love that she can look at my book cover and with a ‘point’ say ‘Mama.’ Then flick through a More Magazine, point and say ‘Dadda.’ I really want to build this magical kitten empire of glory…and quite quite strangely…i am. Phewf. *Wiggle-wink

FYI/ if you are wanting to be a VIP at my book launch this saturday and you have not told me…you need to.

Big Kisses,

‘The Wuns’

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