It’s a snuggly buggly Friday



Hello! Who has their Friday feeling!!!

I’m much cheerier today! It’s chilly, it’s Winter, yet there’s an undeniable coziness radiating form me, in the name of love, in the name of Mummyhood and in the name of Christmas. I’m a stubborn girl. But I’m a lucky girl. And sometimes in life I need to loosen my own reins and let my kitty self take control. (I haven’t even had a wine and i’m cheery. We better savour the moment.)

Anyway, after a decent evening’s sleep. (I’m a Celebrity always gives me a good nights sleep.) Yet an odd few wake up hours in the morning, (Ruby forced me to get into her bed at 4am this morning. However, only so she could wake up at 6am and begin poking me in the eyes until I decided to rise. I think she even sat on my head at one point and pretended she had pooed. I enjoy that the fruit of my loins has become manipulative. Apparently that mean’s she is smart? In my world being able to conquer business and still look as divine as a kitty cat is smart…with a side of knowing your ‘A-B-C’s’ and being able to do a few brief sums..with a dash of wisdom. In ‘2 year old’ world..being manipulative…is classed as genius. πŸ™‚ The simple fact that she can conjure up an evil plan at the mild age of two means that ‘clever’ is her forte…according to the text books. I just think that my own genes have got the better of me. Ruby is genetically installed to be a ‘DIVA.’ It’s just the way biology works. She went up to a random innocent being this morning and thought it was appropriate to say this…

‘My mum’s boobs are hard and because they’re fake.’ πŸ™‚

This is what I have raised. I mean, I even try to sugar coat everything with ‘dum-dee’s’ and ‘doo-daa’s’ when I explain things to her. But no, she just comes out with it, in a good old fashioned ‘Wunna’ way. She then went on to tell me that she now had a boyfriend and his name was Edward. πŸ™‚ She’s TWO. (At least Edward’s a decent catch. Good taste.)

Anyway this morning I went to have my thyroid scanned. (I hate having a random lump growing out my throat, like you would really, so I figured I should so something about it.) There I was in a semi dark room, sat up on a doctors couch, with gel smeared on my neck, in a micro mini, fur boots and some giant weave like extension. I was in red.

Long story short, the Doctor says that it’s huge. (Fabulous. Although she may have got my ego mixed up with my lump.) Then she said that it needed to be removed and she had to refer me to another department just to make sure the cystic components weren’t cancerous. Don’t fret folks!!! I’m not going out that easily. It looks completely fine, and not at all dangerous, she just wants to make sure it’s all dandy, just incase it’s not. If all goes well results wise, then I can go ahead with the surgery, Yippeee! Finally, i’ll have a neck that doesn’ t look like it’s about to fight Frank Bruno.

Christmas is kicking in and well the rest of the day was spent doing the ‘talky date.’ Well sort of. We more did lunch at Bella Italia with Junior…and it was DIVINE. This was all followed up my walking and talking in the wind, around shops, before coming home into the snuggly warm.

Right now all is bliss.

I’ll check in later though, as I have a little Rubes to go collect!

Ciao x

ps, I want to put the tree up!

pps/ I’ve just remembered that I actually have a pile of work to get through for the giveaway, my beauty brand and The Clothes Show covering! Excited!!




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