It’s a Numbers Game


At work right now, but have to tell you about my night. Great night with My Darling Mother, who although is highly over protective of Me, and fears for me crossing a street on my own at night, even though i flew to LA as a child on my own, with nothing but a suitcase, and didn’t come back for 8 years (hahaha…) is one of the best Mothers any child can have. We had girls night and whilst she was tucked up in my bed, she found cum stains on my sheet, (that i didn’t have time to wash off…lol) and then after i try and ‘play’ it off, as ‘God knows what,’ (HAHAHAHA….) she then rummages underneath the covers in her pyjamas, like she’ s trying to find treasure (whilst i’m screaming ‘NO NO NOOOOOOO,’ ) and pulls out a pair of blackish grey, soiled male underwear!! (HAHAHAHA!!) The fact that she pretended like it never happened, made me crack up. Then we both laughed it off as ‘good times,’ and ate noodles.

Okay, what’s not cool, is that not only am i getting a delicious load of hate mail, but people are now sending my MUM hate mail, via post to our Yorkshire home, on a daily, due to the delicious fruit of her loins!! (I was concieved via dirty sex in Rotherham.) LOL. Yesterday she recieved an actual package of my blog, and nudie pictures, all printed out, with slander and ‘slag’ written all over it, with a letter stating how she’s a bad Mother for using me as a ‘prostitute.‘ Hahah.. We laughed it off. It was a package ‘as thick as the Bible’ apparently. But at least i don’t have to pay someone to type it all out for me in print now, as whoever sent it, did it for Me. Whoopee! Thankyou very much. Oh and she doesn’t take money off me you chimps.

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  1. thanks for the pic babe u picked me up from a pony day at work babe u know i love your guns miss wunna im pleased u are having a good day with your old girl and got a new dog from t mobile


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