It’s a bit windy for this ‘Whoop-dee’

Well the night is almost over..and it’s 11.42pm…(coming up to a contemplative time…i always rabbit on about.) I’m feeling quite chipper to say i’m under attack. I mean i’m meant to be clearing my head and instead i’m being sonic boomed with ‘negative’ mush mush.Grab a drinky, chill out. It’s all good. Why is everyone so uptight? Muscle up a little. Y’know exercise those ‘funny’ bones. (Scary…i know.) But i guess i always want people to feel with every cell of their ‘being’ and i’m doing i’m happy. (*she bundles the blankets up higher.*) I’m writing this from my yorkshire bed. How windy outside?? The better i’m doing…the more people begin to evil ‘yiketty yak‘ at me. It’s bizarre how that happens?

I’m really missing LA…a ridiculous amount now. Yet i have a lot of work to get through here. Therefore i’m championing my way through it the quickest i can and gratefully. I mean i’m getting a great deal more support now than ever and i love you for it. Thankyou. (I mean i do complain about the *hate*and coz i’m gerting my period..but for every 1 *evil much* comment i get…i do get 100 more *lovely lovely* ones.) I need to get the job doenhere and get my preety bootay back to la la land. I just do. I need my life back.

 Therefore to perk me up i’ve decided to have a ginormous crush on George Hamilton. How sexy!! I mean i really do have an odd Daddy *crush* on him. Like you look at his face and you KNOW that he’s lived a life! He has stories! Juicy ones!! I mean any man that lost his virginity to his own StepMother after his Father had just married her scores major points right? I’m completely loving ‘I’m a Celebrity’ big time. And well he’s making it all the more merrier for me!! 😉

Other than that i have a box of stuff fans have sent to my Mothers home and one gist was highlighter pens!! Hahah…I LOVE IT!! You saw those pens and you thought of me. I do actually feel a bit partial to the ‘highlighting‘ of things. Therefore i’ve decided that from now on, if i find anything ridiculously hilarious i’m going to *highlight* it with my new pens! So if you see a boy with a ‘dingle’  a delicious neon yellow…well you’ll know where i’ve been and you’ll feel bad for me.

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