It Ain’t Easy Being Square



Being a square is dead hard!

So, here’s the story…I decided to grab the bull by it’s horns and venture off to find boxes myself. I’m quite ‘do it now’ if i get an idea, so waiting was not an option. I’m like that with everything, hair appointments, therapy appointments :)…life. (I don’t go to therapy. Made that up.)

Anyway, dashed into town, all sunny, with Little Mix not playing on my radio. (Don’t you just hate it when you’re waiting for a song to come on and it never does. Annoying.) Busy as hell. It suddenly got chilly, paid 50p to park (bingo) and ran off to buy large moving boxes…just a couple to start me off.

Firstly…HOW HARD IS IT BEING A SQUARE!!! Oh my GOD! I didn’t realise that purchasing giantly, LARGE moving boxes….that are handed over to you all flat packed, in a ginormous square like form ,would cause such a nuisance, once it was time to strut with them! Holy shit! I edged out of that store, with my faux fur handbag clinging onto my little rash Burmese hands, with a GIANT SQUARE covering my EVERY INCH OF a sail of a homeless, cardboard…ship? It wasn’t very Captain Jack Sparrow. It was more ‘Bouji Homeless’ person…who maybe had money. Do they exist?

Anyway, edged out of the store..couldn’t see me for shit. Edged into people, grannies, teenagers, benches. It’s still sunny, but a little windy..not good with a giant sail. I’m all square and all cardboard..attempting to cross roads, with my arms stretched to their absolute maximum either side, with m tiny fingers gripping at the ends of the flat packed boxes and my face imprinted in the centre of the cardboard. I’m edging right…tottering left. Re-huffing up the boxes and fiddling. It’s now hurting m arms. (Remember i have rubbish working arms. I can’t even carry empty cardboard, flat packed boxes. 🙂 ) And anyway, I finally got to my car, but all i could think about at that precise moment was the fact that it must be really difficult being a square? (Bimbo moment.)

Got ot my car. Should be happy. But I then couldn’t figure out how to make it fit in my car??? Spend ages putting the pieces of the puzzle together. (I have no common sense when it comes to the menial and somewhat tedious tasks in life. I was only built for luxury and pleasure…and instructing others.) Finally figured it out. Couldn’t see ANYTHING out my back window…but drove home anyway! Got here in one piece….even had time to purchase low carb snacks. 🙂 Then my hair fell out and annoyed me. So to make myself feel better, i booked myself a Doctors appointment for my rash to make sure that I don’t have scabies. It’s getting a bit gross now.

I’ve left the boxes in the back of the car simply because I can’t be bothered to sort through everything now. I’m knackered. Lol. I need to use my days off wisely and right now cottage pie seems a better option.

I’ve also just realized that it’s 2pm and well Keiran hasn’t been during my absence to get his lawn mover and other random stuff that he had outside, before it lands in a skip. I’m rubbish at saving things for people. I’ll just throw it out. Lol. Things have been really odd and tense between us of recent, even when i’ve been ignoring him. It’s like no matter how hard we try, our line of connection keeps boinging back at us, even when we snip away at it, as hard as we can. I thought that by cutting off all contact, he would be forgotten about. Instead…now i have a rash. Thanks Cupid.

So, yeah anyway… today I learnt, not to ever be a square, or buy things that don’t fit in my car. And to always get someone else to pack all your stuff up for you. 🙂

Love You Mucho.

Wunna x

ps/ I just re-read that ‘move out’ text that Keiran sent me and it made me cry. Aug 28th 2013, go back to it in my archives ——->

pps/ He’s just arrived.



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