Is it Spring?



Just one of those GREAT days to be alive. Yesterday ended up being delicious. The Hubs and I  enjoyed the Spring time air, over steak sandwiches, filled with love…and gravy. We errand ran, dreamed of the future, got lunch with his sisters and then came the call from nursery at 1.30pm stating that we were to pick up Baby Ruby, because it seemed that she had a rash. #ugh #RUBES

Now, it’s not like we were excessively busy and snowed under with work. Yet when you’re enjoying like and trying to sail over the world on that frequency of ‘ooh laa..,’ a sudden blip in the works…and a rash, sort of slap backs you straight to reality. But whatever. We adore Rubes. She’s part of our team. We picked her up and gave the day away to her bossing us about for kicks. She’s very ‘DIVA’ right now and well i’m not surprised, her idols are Keiran and I. Some may say it’s a slippery slope. I say…YIPPPPEEEE! I’ve always wanted a feisty girl. She’s the heir to my kingdom…and jewellery collection. An Heiress can’t be anything less than ‘DIVA,’ dippe din a happy wink ofcourse.

Worked hard last night. Loving my new CWT Media clients. I’m wanting to do well for everyone. Actually didn’t feel too dodgy and spent the evening cuddling my hubby, (who had spent the morning looking at people’s camel toes, whilst they were eating pasties…then calling them disgusting.) I giggled, yet did have to point out to him that his distorted mind believes that having a camel toe with a pastie TO HIM is seemingly disgusting. Yet did he fail to stop and think that perving on someone’s vagina whilst they were trying to eat and walk, was maybe classed as a little more ‘urk’ -fest. Lol. That’s Keiran for you. We laughed and drove off. Life goes on.

Anyway, he did a great job yesterday because we’ve changed our lives and mind sets in order to be better people and succeed in life. So, he bought his sister a little pressie yesterday and surprised her by going to her work and giving it her. She cried tears of joy because she couldn’t believe how much he cared. Awww. It was the little personal note in the front of the gift that got her. It gets everyone…and well Keiran made her read it out infront of him, as well he likes to see that he’s made someone happy. I have a great hubby. He’s really got his act together now. We have a very loving and very bright future together. Today, i’m madly in love with him and well…maybe it’s because my pants aren’t too tight naymore. can you believe i was actually ONLY WADDLING because i was wearing too tight pants when pregnant. HAHAHA. I’m not even in ANY pain anymore. I’m not even waddling! That’s me for you. Every the drama queen and always causing my own dear, glitzy self problems.

I’m over the moon today, on the work load and ready to enjoy the day with The Hubs again…before nursery get us. I woke up at 7.3oam this morning and it was actually bright light! YAY! It put me such a good mood! Finally we have our days back! We have light and all that jizzle. Yet i’m hating seeing everyone sipping wine in the ofcourse on the Mocktails.

Anyway, he’s moaning now because i’m blogging and he wants to go get lunch, so i’ll have to fly. Watched ‘Speidi’ last night…and i weirdly don’t hate them. I love them!

Shit, there was so much i needed to tell you… but whatever…i’ll leave you with this:


Thank Miss.Woodcock! @emilywoodcock (Yes, these are the kind of friends I keep. Friends who introduce me to and post bits of genius like this, so the world can appreciate and feel inspired!)

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