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Don’t hate me because I’m a phone fixing GENIUS! Oh yeah DOLLS! Today is a GREAT DAY. A day of wonder. A day of life. A day when my little kitty heart filled with happiness and simply because I managed to fix my old phone and I have no idea how!!?! Hence, why and of course, I’ve put it down to genius.

As you know, I have shit luck with phones. They either break on me, wipe away data once a month or simply just smash. They get thrown out of windows, over green hedges and all sorts. The last time my phone hated me was just before Christmas, when it decided not to turn on. Luckily because I’m a glitzy glamour puss, I could reach for a goodie bag, (the one provided to me via The Clothes Show) and pull out the brand new, FREE Onetouch Scribe that I was given. I used that all Xmas, loved it, but because i’m a techy spa, failed to figure it out, plus lost all my contacts…AGAIN.

Today, I woke up early, got the kids ready and was determined to take my mobile into EE to get them to fix it for me. Pulled it out of a leopard print luggage on wheel…in pink. Fiddled around. It turned on! It now works! I’m a GENIUS and let me tell you, I have no clue why but my heart filled with joy, real joy, like a buzz of happy, to the point where Ruby and I rejoiced in the name of ‘hurrah’ and galloped merrily around my bedroom with glee. Great moments aren’t they! 2014 is all about me feeling that way. I’m filled with positive energy this year. I’ve been terrible, but the good thing is when you’ve been and felt terrible you can ALWAYS get back to good. You just have to try. Bounce back. Prove yourself and show life you MEAN BUSINESS. I mean, when you’re down you can either do one of two things and that’s GIVE IN, which as we all know is rather exhausting and draining and costs a lot in vino. PR you can do what I always do, of course after a big princess weep..I am a girly girl after all…and FIGHT. You can make anything work in life, you just have to fight for what you want! Oh and positively as fighting with knives is a bit silly..unless your Captain Jack Sparrow. Then it’s okay.

But yes, I don’t know why fixing my old phone made me so happy? But it did. I’m a creature of habit and I loved the comfort of my old phone. I couldn’t get used to the new one yet and once it worked I felt like I had conquered the world. Lol. I really did and because I never thought it would work again. It’s a bit like life really innit. I’ll that way when it comes to shoes, phones, boys and relationships. If i can fix something that i’m fond of and used to, I will. Even if it takes me time. I mean I had abandoned my old phone for a whole month of ‘it’ll never work.’ Today, it turned on. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I got it back and I smiled. Life is good. I’m a phone fixing genius.

Then it was just as though the Good lord has felt my glee. He put the sun out and flinged his hat on. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING. The perfect crisp morning of refreshment. No-one can be sown in this weather. It’s out and about weather, forest weather, love weather, happiness weather. The kind that gives you a beam of hope. Puts you in a better mood. I’m happy today because of it and well what can you say, it’s the simple pleasure that I seem to like in life these days. The phone fixing, the sunshine..the children. Junior can nod for ‘yes’ now and is thoroughly enjoying eating me out of house and home, his new walker and falling on his face every time he tried to crawl. Ruby is a marvel. We played all yesterday at Xscape and enjoyed dinner at Di’s new place Harry’s Carvery. She like it there because she’s into gravy. I like it there because I can have a large wine. I got the ‘off the telly’ treatment yesterday and of course i embraced it. ๐Ÿ™‚

So in Wunna land, giveaway still going..I’ve got lots to still venture out to you. I still have some winning gifts to send. Some of you have recieved your gifts! I looked and inspected my beauty samples. I recieved my sample previously when I was away on holiday over Xmas. They weren’t exactly up to standard, so two more have been made and now it’s all ..well lets say PURRFECT. I’ve excited about it now. So, the first thing to come out is a lash line. OBVIOUSLY. Much better line that my last one in the states and simply because i’ve created it myself and not just had my name plonked on a box made by some company wanting to make moola fast.

I’m really excited for acting school, I’m really excited for my new presenting work, I have a glammy fashion countdown to release for you. I’m loving being a new fashion and beauty blogger and I’ve got to record two songs for a independent label who would like to offer me a baby sized contract. How lovely. I forgot all that because I was too busy pulling faces. But I have opportunity and I’ll get to where I want to be this year. I’m empowered. I’m talented and I’ve got this bitch DOWN babies! Do what you love and you will succeed and because you’ll spend the time to get it right and hone your craft. It matters. I’m going to be starting my business this year and it’s great. I’m in the right surroundings and my lash line will be ace! (Ruby has just shown me her poo again. lol)

Good weather perks you up i’m sure! And well in life SUCCESS is the sweetest revenge. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know this for definite, because I have an ex husband who is now a star. It is all great and all sucky at the same time. I’m sat in Ponty whilst his day job is being in a Tom Cruise film, or on a hit American tv show. But i’m gonna get to where I need to be this year and well because I now have the correct help. December and The Clothes Show helped me with that! Make the most of your talents and don’t waste them.

Now, i’ve got to do all this with a normal day job. Just a little one and to make extra dosh. Extra dosh is always good. My Mother has always taught me that. So even though my folks are in Burma for the whole of January. I’m going to be working hard, managing the children on my own AND doing entertainment. Hard knocks. I don’t think so. i can handle anything. I’m not a weak woman. Lion. Roar. Get it! I mean, I have a friend giving me a ‘Black name’ and everything. ๐Ÿ™‚ I must be tough! I’ve never had a black name, just been on a bunch of black lists. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you’re a girl and you’re goign through the same, just know that you can DO IT. People do it every day. they work hard, play hard, be a mother and be an absolute million pound SUCCESS. It’s okay to feel defeated by it all. It’s okay. I do at times. I did the other day. But because i’ve been put through a lot emotionally. But now feel strong. I’ve had my family around yesterday and had my friends prop me up like Sheerah. They’ve reminded me what I stand for and the fact that I actually inspire. If I feel like people need me…then I dust myself off and start showboating my inner lioness. Far sexier than being pathetic. I’m not pathetic. Just human. Right now, I’m back on track and sometimes it takes trauma and heartache in order to make you realize, be strong and find yourself. It helps you realize what went wrong, what to appreciate and how to move in the correct manner. I move with a wiggle. But I certainly adore my strut-strut more.

Feeling positive. Hope you all buy my lashes. It’s the first product out of a hopeful big and successful range. I’m still in the back and forth of the sampling right now. So I reckon, we’re looking at a Spring/Summer launch and what fun time to have a lash line out! Flirty fun kitty eyes!

I’m feeling confident and less bitchy. I’m feeling happy and more together. I’m okay.No I’m more than okay and well when you’re a phone fixing genius…why wouldn’t you be. ๐Ÿ™‚

EWW…just remember that I random neck surgery this year. I have to have a giant lump snipped out of my thyroid. SEXY.






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